Just an average person who has an opinion, and an occasional bit of spare time to write it down. Particularly interested in writing about health, (especially health related nonsense) including cancer entrepreneurs, anti-vaccine advocates,  chiropractic, worthless ‘natural medicines’ (like homeopathy) the nonsense new parents are bombarded with (like amber ‘teething necklaces’), and general denial of evidence.

This blog is not all about Jessica Ainscough aka ‘The Wellness Warrior’, she just happens to be the subject of the first few posts.

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To all the fans of Jess who have stopped by to share their thoughtful input, love and light, vitriol and insults, your comments have all been published here.

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  1. It seems to me that this blog is born out of the authors concern that vulnerable ill people may be taken in emotionally and financially by false hopes and quackery. I call that noble not horrible.

  2. Hi, I was diagnosed with breast cancer (stage II), 2 years ago and found Jessica’s blog. It was one of many that made me believe cancer could be beaten naturally. I messed around with alternative treatments for one year and ended up at stage III before I turned myself into the hospital (that I had walked away from so triumphantly a year earlier). Ended up having to do chemo before they would even operate on me. Then mastectomy and then radiation and now hormone treatment. I currently have NED and hope to stay that way. Thank God, I Went and got help when I did, but there is a part of me that is angry for this type of misinformation. Jessica was never cured of cancer. She was at best just “controlling” it or living with it. Conventional treatment is not perfect either, but I lived a living hell with the natural alternative therapies as these alternative people/naturpaths send you on wild goose chases buying all sorts of weird supplements, Products, doing tests, bloodwork that isn’t standard. It was so much work and I did it all but i could feel i was getting worse and the alternative practitioners kept urging me onward with their therapies. I spent so much Money. I get sick thinking about it. It was truly hell. When i turned myself over to the hospital, it was a relief. Someone actually helped me. Someone actually did the tests on me to check for cancer that are reliable. By the way, I did thermograms and they were not reliable. So much for that. I did the so called cancer profile blood test, also showed no cancer. All the while I was stage III. Do I believe in eating well`? Yes. Have I changed my diet? yes. Do I do coffee enemas? No. Do I work out Daily? yes! Do I meditate Daily ? Yes. Do I go to bed at a reasonable hour and get a reasonable amount of sleep? Yes. Do I take supplements? No. Not anymore. Not after what I have seen and been through. Do I Watch my stress levels? Yes! Do I believe these things are important? Yes, but I also believe that conventional treatment was necessary in my case. Yes, I take anti-hormone pills, Letrozole and get Zoladex shots. I feel great. I am so sorry I didn’t get help from the conventional World sooner. There was nothing to preclude me from eating more fruits and vegetables, getting proper rest, etc., and going conventional. It is very scarey the blogs that people have out there and the misinformation. I urge anyone with a cancer diagnosis to be careful as to where you get your information. It could cost you your Life. By the way, if you are worried about losing a breast, don’t be, there are good cosmetic operations nowadays. I had an awesome surgeon. I look great. No, it doesn’t feel real, but it looks good. Who care? I am alive!!!

    • Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for sharing your story, and I’m glad to hear that you sought real treatment. I hope things continue to go well for you.

      People like you are the reason I wrote about Jess. I hoped that anyone who was taken in by her story might end up here and ask themselves some questions as a result. Even though it wasn’t here, I’m so glad you had second thoughts about the ‘treatment’ you were receiving.
      Best Wishes,
      R x

      • Can you move my post to under your story about Jessica? I accidentally posted on the about section. I meant to post under the Jessica story. When When Jessica’s mother died from breast cancer by following alternative treatments, I started having second thoughts. then there was also Christina Newman who had triple negative breast cancer (check her out on Youtube and Twitter – she is dead now, but i Think the info is still there) and changed her tune. She messed around with alternative treatments too. Check out her first videos on Youtube where she talks about questioning the oncologist. she is very cocky. The tone of her videos Changes with time. Eventually she Went conventional. She passed away last October. If she had sought help originally, she could have been like Robin Roberts as she says in one of her videos that she dead a few months Before her Death. Meaning she could have survived had she been treated conventionally right in the beginning, but the cancer got ahead of her when she messed with alternatives. Despite this, I am a strong believer in eating well and taking care of oneself, but I would not in the case of cancer rely solely on that. There are people like Ruth Heidrich (stage IV breast cancer) who after a double mastectomy and following a low fat plant based diet reversed her cancer and is still alive today without chemo or radiation or hormone therapy, but this is not usual. One should be very careful. Do Everything you can and especially from the beginning, eat well, rest, exercise and go to the doctor and let them help you too. just my two cents and hope this helps someone. Again, check out Christina Newman. Hope her videos are still on Youtube.

  3. Hi Rosalie, have you heard of Belle Gibson? I couldn’t believe it but she is a copycat of Jess except whereas Jess’s cancer was real, it appears Belle was NOT. Anyway you seem to be very good at researching stuff, I thought this might be worth you blogging about as it is all about alternative meds curing her cancer which she may never have had in the first place.

  4. What about this woman?? http://tamarastjohn.com/ She never received a breast cancer diagnosis from a doctor. She assumes what she had was breast cancer. Look she has written a book and gives talks, etc. It is so bullshit. How can people even listen to this? We don’t know she actually had cancer. I hate this and this is what is so hard when are diagnosed (like I was by a proper doctor) that you are grabbing for any hope to hold on to and and first it can be difficult to see the forest through the trees and understand what is what, but stuff like this makes me angry. This is what is bad about social media nowadays. It can really harm people with misinformation. You really have to be discerning. Someone should investigate this woman though as this is not right. She has also made a business out of this.

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