Let This Be A Lesson

In this post, written in February 2014, I threw out a challenge to the media to dig a bit deeper and report on the actual story of Jessica Ainscough and her story of vegetable juices, coffee enemas and cancer survival. I wrote:

“And media. When is someone going to call her out and report on this situation for what it is instead of fawning over the beautiful young girl who drinks green smoothies? It is time someone in the media took a close look at this situation and exposed the cold hard facts.”

It would only have taken a scratch on the surface to reveal that all was not as it seemed, but no one bothered. The media reported her story, as told to them by Jess, without question. Until she died, then there was quite a few articles examining the futility of the treatments she chose to undertake. Too little too late though, that same media had already made into a minor celebrity as “the girl who cured her cancer”.

Over the past few weeks another ‘amazing cancer survivor’ Bell Gibson is taking a fall from grace with revelations that her cancer story appears to have been a lie. At the time of writing Ms Gibson is yet to provide evidence that she ever had brain cancer, and has suggested that the other four types of cancer that she claimed to have developed were ‘misdiagnosed’.
Penguin Books has pulled her “The Whole Pantry” recipe book off the shelves in Australia, and the app with the same name has been quietly removed from the app store. 

I like what Media Watch had to say on the issue:

“Now what’s remarkable about Belle’s remarkable story is that no one who swallowed it apparently bothered to check it was true.

Not the publishers at Penguin. Nor the chaps at Apple. Nor a parade of media admirers at The Sunday Telegraph, News.com.au, Cosmopolitan, Australian Women’s Health, Marie Claire, Elle, and Channel Seven’s Sunrise among others.

So when you see a story like this in future, whether you’re a journalist or a reader, it’s worth remembering this tip from the ABC’s health expert Dr Norman Swan, who told Media Watch: “The general rule in health and medical journalism is the same as any other form of journalism, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.”

Bell shares her story on Sunrise.

Bell shares her story on Sunrise.

I couldn’t have put it any better myself. I hope that media take stock and learn from this embarrasing situation. The consumers of Australian media deserve better. They deserve due dilligence in health reporting.   

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  1. People are just crazy. I do not understand what would ever possess someone to do something like this. Money? Fame? Apparently she has no shame!

  2. Though I wonder if all these media organisations The Sunday Telegraph, News.com.au, Cosmopolitan, Australian Women’s Health, Marie Claire, Elle, and Channel Seven’s Sunrise – are not full of ‘natural health’ adherents who are always willing to swallow a ‘miracle’ story with a young, pretty heroine in it?

    Belle Gibson, like Jess Ainscough were young women who totally all filled this media group’s ideal image’s requirements. Alas, the need for truth seemed not to come into it at all. Now they look like a bunch of abject idiots.

    It will be interesting to see if media just cover it up and pretend it never happened, or if they really do put a bit of rigour in their journalism in future (thank goodness for shows like Media Watch). I notice Cosmopolitan have back-tracked and said their award to Belle Gibson was for ‘social media’, not for being a ‘role model’. Ha! Maybe this kind of obliqueness will be the order of the day.

    • Unfortunately, I’m guessing so… I would be delighted if a program such as Four Corners would do an exposé on the way the murky side of the “wellness” phenomenon is normalizing the idea of cancer quackery writ large. They would do well to start by asking someone like Pip Cornall to elaborate on his daily experiences.

  3. Sarah Berry has just written an article for the Sydney Morning Herald and had this to say about Jess:

    ‘When I spoke to her one year ago, the 29-year-old, I was told, was in “recovery mode”.’

    Ok, but the whole point of being a journalist is verifying information before you publish it. You can’t complain that your sources lied to you.

    • When that story was published last year it initially said “remission”. Due to a massive amount of feedback from the public they were forced to change that to “recovery mode” and add a statement from the Cancer Council regarding alternative “treatments”.

      It was my annoyance at that story that was the trigger for me to write this blog!

      • Yes, Sarah Berry has got form for certain woo-sympathetic articles including that idiot one late 2013 about Jessica Ainscough being in ‘remission’ er- ‘recovery mode’. Now she seems to be jumping onto the Belle-Gibson-scandal as if she would have totally picked her from day one. She has no credibility.

        Incidentally, people in Jess Ainscough’s inner circle all seem to be denying that anyone ever said she was in ‘remission’ or ‘recovery mode’, or that her original oncologists ever suggested she had a chance of survival (with an amputation). It’s profoundly sad how she lies buried in a coffin of lies and cover-ups like she is.

  4. This is excellent.

    “It’s no mystery why cancer fantasists do what they do. They do it for money. They do it for attention. They do it because they have personality disorders and thrive on manipulation. But they rarely do it as poorly as this. Usually, Munchausen types will go to extreme lengths to create evidence for their claims. They will cram like medical students, shave their heads, go on starvation diets, poison themselves. Gibson makes you wonder why they bother.”

  5. It’s been a month since Jess passed. I can imagine her loved ones would be still coming to terms with one so young being dealt this card, even if expected, shattering, all the same.

    One month on and we now have news that the wellness warrior empire lives on. Friends are coming together to continue what is undoubtedly a business they could not stand to lose. It seams all so pre-planned.

    I am sure you have seen the email from her partner sent out this morning. And so, lessons learned?

    • I was in a health food shop the other day, and for the first time ever, I came across a hardcopy of Make Peace With Your Plate. It was cinge-inducing. Jess describes herself as a cancer survivor as well as a cancer thriver. She said the Gerson blood tests indicate she has nothing to worry about (though I can’t remember her exact words on that topic). It’s obvious she was on Gerson because she thought it was going to save her life. And she thought it had, for a while. Now all her friends are trying to gloss over the fact that Gerson failed her (and her mother), and it’s very frustrating. The best way for her friends to honour her would be to admit that Gerson is a scam.

      While in the health food shop, I considered asking a staff member if they were aware that Jess had died, thinking this might make them remove the book from sale. But after reading a bit more of it, I think the book should be made available as a cautionary tale.

    • I’m starting to wish that I had subscribed to that nauseating newsletter…

      I can’t quite wrap my head around how calculated this seems – even though I’m sure it’s been well coated in “love and light” etc.

  6. The email is below. It was also posted on instagram. Just nauseating stuff. Ker-ching. No RIP-ing for this cash cow.

    Subject: “Blessed by Jess”

    ** Awesome friend,

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all of your love and messages over this past month since our angel Jess passed away.

    I have tried so many times to write to you, however I simply cannot find the words. The truth is, there are no words, just the feeling that comes before the words…

    While spiritually I can make some sort of peace with it, and mentally I know it’s something I simply can’t comprehend at the moment, it’s the heart that is having the hardest time to heal. It wants nothing more than to be able to reach out and touch her, hold her close and let her know how much I truly love her.

    It is because of this that I now feel a complete sense of purpose, to come from a place of being of complete service to you, and the rest of the wellness warrior community.

    There is so much I am looking forward to sharing with you when the time is right. I want you to know how much comfort her family has felt knowing how Jess inspired you to live your best life, filled with self-respect, kindness and a devotion to thriving regardless of the challenges life may throw at you.

    Along with Jess’ team and family, we are working together to ensure that the Wellness Warrior legacy continues stronger and brighter than ever. And we hope you will be part of it! You mean so much to Jess, and she would be so proud of us all sticking together.. supporting each other.. inspiring each other.. and continuing to treat ourselves and each other with utmost kindness, love and respect.

    I will be back in the coming weeks with important updates and personal insights although in the meantime let’s do something special for Jess… Well it’s actually for you…

    We want you to think of the best thing Jess inspired you to do whether it be drink a green juice, say a positive affirmation, meditate, do a coffee enema or any of the other awesome things you learned from her! Please do this for yourself today in honour of Jess. And if you wish, we’d love you to share your story or photo on instagram, please hashtag #blessedbyjess so we can all unite in the spirit of Jess today. The spirit of the Wellness Warrior.

    Thank you so much for your love and support.

    Be Kind. Be Brave. Be Well.

    Tallon and the Wellness Warrior team

    • That is just awful in its blind adherence to lies and self-deceptions. And I cannot imagine being inspired to do a coffee enema. There’s nothing terribly romantic, or even useful about that.

      After following Jess Ainscough’s story since that ridiculous Sarah Berry article in the Sydney Morning Herald late 2013, I’ve come to the conclusion that perhaps the ‘natural health and wellness’ brigade are a breed apart from the rational thinkers of the world and it’s very hard to tell them otherwise.

      But if this badly and garishly written missive is the best they can do to keep the ‘Wellness Warrior’ empire afloat, I think it probably doesn’t have much of a future – hopefully.

  7. Huh – well that gives a clue as to why Polly Noble’s website continues on – out of curiosity I clicked on the shop tab – everything is still there for sale – 179 Pound juicer, 329 Pound dehydrator, books. Shaking my head.

  8. “I have tried so many times to write to you, however I simply cannot find the words. The truth is, there are no words,”
    “I will be back in the coming weeks with important updates and personal insights”

    Erm?! Did I just read that correctly? It’s only been a month. 1 MONTH !!

    He can’t find the words but he’s going to be back soon with ‘important updates & personal insights’ I’m sorry but this whole thing is just beyond distasteful and makes me feel quite sick actually. This poor girls fate still being ‘spun’ and only one month on we are promised ‘new updates’ like this is still a business first – the cogs still turning to make money money money.

    They can’t just leave it can they? They can’t come out and say how tragic & deluded this whole mess was and they don’t even have the dignity to go and grieve in peace and move on with their lives respecting her privacy even in death…even after the Belle Gibson debarcle and how many times Jess has been mentioned in related articles as misleading followers about the true state of her health.

    Unless these ‘personal insights’ include a true picture of her desperation at the end and how much she regretted Gerson etc…well then I will eat my words. But from the tone of the email and how SOON it has come out I would guess it will be more spin spin spin…talk about living your life through social media! Leave the poor girl alone!

    The IRONY of them asking what the “best thing Jess inspired you to do whether it be drink a green juice, say a positive affirmation, meditate, do a coffee enema” considering this poor girl DIED doing these things thinking they were ‘healing’ her seems to be completely lost on their silly little minds….so so sad.

    • I can understand how, at this point, he would be in total denial. Accepting that Gerson Therapy is a colossal scam would not bring his fiancée back, nor would coming to terms with the fact that she spent two years (of her already very short life) tied to a juicer and an enema bucket for absolutely no reason.

      But it’s an entirely different thing to encourage others to engage in unproven, unsafe practices. If he wants to pretend that it somehow helped Jess, I totally understand that, but for the love of god, please let it go there. Don’t make another family go through this.

      • I actually had hope that this Tallon guy might have been the one encouraging her to go to an oncologist, I had hope that SOMEONE close to her was on team conventional, and that after her death may have been angry at Gerson and spoken out.. Nope, seems like he’s on the deluded bandwagon too and enabled Jess. I am shocked and horrified at his email. Has anyone actually bothered to reply to him? I know it would be completely pointless.

    • There is a documentary called ‘The Food Cure’ about 6 Gerson patients, one of whom is a toddler. The documentary was supposed to have been released by now but keeps getting delayed. The producers have offered excuses but I suspect the real reason for the delays is that some of the patients have deteriorated or even died. That’s just my suspicion though.

  9. Evidence-Based, I have been trying to find out about this movie for over 6 months now. The kickstarter raised over $100k and that was last March. Since then, I have kept my eye on further news and started asking questions on their FB page and on Twitter.They completely ignore me on twitter and have a stock standard answer on FB that they are waiting for festival dates whatever that means. The scene when the mother hands a baby in a cot a bottle of green juice just makes me ill. I also think that some patients are unwell or have passed. I’m going to be a pain in their side as I will continue to ask questions and I think others should consider doing the same.

    • Rose, the scene where that baby was forced to drink that juice literally made me shudder. It’s been over a year since I sent the people behind this latest Gerson hagiography a polite email asking them how they thought it was in any way ethical or legal to include a baby who had been offered hope of survival through conventional treatment at a hospital in their documentary. I never received a reply.

      Now I see that all of the updates on the Kickstarter page for “The Food Cure” have been made ‘available to Donors Only’ since March last year. Their excuse that they are ‘awaiting Festival dates’ makes very little sense as many of the prominent Indie film festivals have recently been & come & gone. I hope it’s code for “Nobody was willing to show this disturbing story”. As you say, it’s highly unlikely that the majority of their subjects are still alive and well. One of them was diagnosed with prostate cancer which had metastasized to his bones as of February 2014, and as for the 6 month old with the vague Dx of “spinal cancer” I dread to think what may have happened.

      I think that it is well worth others considering being an ongoing thorn in the side of these people. After all, they’ve raised about $125K (I know of an independent film maker who made a scripted film which was quickly snapped up for festival release for far less**). If this film never sees the light of day I’m guessing the film makers either line their own pockets &/or those of the Gerson Institute.
      **And she behaved in a transparent manner throughout the crowd-funding & filming process.

    • Over a year a go I sent a concerned email re: Jess Ainscough’s role in this documentary and was sent back the following :
      “Thank your for your message and for your concern. For one thing, the idea of a miracle cure for cancer is, in my mind, a preposterous notion and does not apply to anything I have witnessed, either in conventional or in alternative medicine. As you state quite rightly, I am an independent journalist and filmmaker. Jess Ainscough is one of several dozen patients, former patients, scientists, and medical experts I interviewed for my film. This does not mean that I share each of my interviewees highly diverging opinions. My film deals in the first place with the experiences of six cancer patients in different countries, who choose to undergo a controversial nutritional therapy, and it offers audiences the possibility to hear the contrasting opinions of a number of people on this fascinating subject.

      I thank you for your interest in ‘The Food Cure’ and I hope that you will support this film and its intent to encourage more critical debate about this important topic! “

  10. Peta, the outcome may be the same but it would be satisfying if others were to ask the hard questions. As I said, they completely ignore my tweets and it takes weeks to get the stock standard answer on FB. Its sickening that the few others that post on their FB are gushing with anticipation for this food cure. Their lack of transparency is disturbing.

    • I agree, Rose. Have you read any of the articles linked to on their website? My personal favourite being:
      <a href="http://www.examiner.com/article/the-food-cure-a-pivotal-film-on-nutritional-cancer-treatment

      It’s made quite clear that this is a film primarily or exclusively about those who chose Gerson, and it makes mention of the nationality of the toddler seen in the promo video on Kickstarter (the child is from the U.S.).

      I’ve seen how they ignore tweets & FB questions, many of them from people who supported them financially and are expecting a concrete release date. They certainly seem to be getting angrier and are far more likely to receive a reply of sorts (eventually)…

      • Thanks for that link Peta. I have not found anything about this movie. I just posted on the journalists FB page. I hope she gets more info than what we do.

        “Hi Jennifer. You wrote an article last year about the movie “The Food Cure”. It is now 14 months since Kickstarter raised $120K and there has been no word from the film makers about its release. They don’t answer on Twitter and there is a delayed stock standard answer on FB that they are waiting for festival submissions??? I believe transparency is vital when you engage social media for support. Maybe a follow up from a Journalist would be the impetus for transparency? “

  11. Hey Rosalie, we got another one. Her name is Candice-Marie Fox and the media has clearly not learned a single less and they are already promoting her nonsense. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3017683/Former-model-cancer-turned-chemo-claims-cured-eating-three-PINEAPPLES-day-ditched-husband-well.html

    Let’s not let this one get out of control. I have already started a truth campaign. http://realitybasedmedicine.blogspot.com/2015/03/demand-truth-from-candice-marie-fox.html

    I hope Rosalie that you can start one too. I have had it up to here with the media not fact-checking and promoting this dangerous nonsense.

    • It’s interesting, isn’t it that this English woman has gotten “medics from the Nutritional Oncology Research Institute in California” to “confirm” her miraculous recovery from a metastasizing cancer?

      I also note that she (like many who claim to have cured themselves of cancer) originally accepted help from local Oncology specialists/surgeons, but now attributes her supposed health to dispensing with all things arbitrarily deemed “toxic”. I wonder how long it will take the credulous in Australia to lap this up despite recent events.

  12. The latest email from Tallon
    “Jess loved being so open with you and wearing her heart on her sleeve. As you know, the last 12 months of her life were the hardest. Just months after losing her beloved mum, Jess started noticing signs that her cancer was returning. It was a challenging time but of course she never gave up. Even until her last breath five weeks ago.”

    Notice the sentence “Jess started noticing signs that her cancer was returning”.

    So it had left.. and it returned.

    This just never ends does it.


  13. My favourite part is when he decries society’s belief that it must only be either conventional medicine or alternative medicine! Why can’t they both be used he asks….hypocrisy much?? The whole tone of the email is setting her up as some sort of modern day saint, who was ‘so much more than a girl living with cancer’. Now she is dead she is ‘much more powerful’. Ugh. While I fully appreciate he is deeply grieving, and must still be in shock and denial, I cannot believe this is being channelled into these type of emails to complete strangers, seemingly cherry picking the best bits of Jess and completely ignoring anything that doesn’t fit the (ever changing) ‘legacy’. Why is he not grieving quietly and personally? The whole thing just feels calculated and in poor taste…..

  14. Me neither. Although if I may indulge in a little cherry picking of my own, I was particularly struck by this part of the email:

    “So where to from here…

    We experienced our first ever #BlessedByJess. A day where we honor our inspirational leader Jess Ainscough (emphasis mine).

  15. Exactly. While I am very sorry for his loss, and take absolutely no pleasure in her death, fundamentally she was a young girl with untreated cancer who, while she was well enough, put out many downright dangerous ideas (her views on mammograms and vaccinations being two of many) without having any formal training, experience or expertise in any area. Of course, her writing was given credence by the fact she was young, white, pretty and had seemingly discovered the magical cure for cancer, a view she sought to perpetuate almost to the end. I’m afraid that in order to be inspirational, a person must be someone who others seek to emulate, and while I’m sure she was a lovely, if misguided person, I can’t imagine anyone would seriously want to emulate her now? ‘Inspirational leader??’ Sounds like the beginnings of a cult. My only hope is that since they can’t change the irrefutable fact that she died, anyone in the future who comes across her story will see sense……

    • I don’t know why tallon doesn’t just start his own bloody page. It’s just sick in my opinion.
      I followed her blog from almost day one and I rememeber all these highly highly opinionated anti-conventional posts such as the mammogram one. I won’t forget this. I’m interested to know how many of jess’ current disciples are long term followers or not. I know theres at least a few long term ones who won’t be supporting her anymore. The rest are either blind or they have never seen her mammogram etc posts as they were all wiped

      • Does anyone have access to the old anti mammogram post? Would be good if it was published here. Rosalie?

      • Hi Alice
        Not sure if there is a specific post, but some of the misguided and dangerous things she said about mammograms are still to be found. I won’t say where because I wouldn’t be surprised if her team reads here.
        There is the post about breast cancer awareness month on 11 October 2011. She says a lot of deeply offensive and dangerous stuff, and specifically this:
        “Mammograms are not just painful and unnecessary, but they are dangerous! Many women subject themselves to the torturous ordeal of having a mammogram because they believe the act is the best way to catch breast cancer. Do you want to hear the good news or the bad news first? Good? Good. Mammograms are useless. The bad news is that they are dangerous.
        A study by researchers from the University of Nebraska and the John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County, cast fresh doubt on the widespread assumption that regular mammograms save lives, showing that 2,970 women must be screened for breast cancer in order to prevent even one death. “For a woman in the screening subset of mammography-detectable cancers, there is a less than 5 percent chance that a mammogram will save her life,” wrote the researchers.
        Mammograms are not only lousy at saving lives, but they also lead to unnecessary surgery. In 2001, a study known as the Cochrane analysis found that if 2,000 women underwent regular screening for 10 years, one life would be saved but another 10 women would undergo unnecessary treatment such as surgery or radiation. Mammograms may also increase the risk of causing and spreading cancer by the force that is used to squeeze the breast tissue. Benign tumours may become activated, and actual cancerous tumours may become more aggressive and may release cancer cells into the bloodstream.” Then she goes on to recommend thermography.

        From The Mum Report, 11/7/2011,
        “The doctors wanted to perform a biopsy and a mammogram of the breast to firmly confirm mum’s condition, but she refused both of these hands down. Some of you probably think this is a bit radical, but after all of the research we have done (and drawing on my own experiences with biopsies) we know that both of these diagnostic tools actually spread the tumour tissue rapidly. Not something you want when you’re trying to get ahead of the disease.”

        This is Jess from 27/10/11, ‘the mum interview’. She introduces the video (no longer playable where I found it) by saying inter alia that they will talk about “• Why we believe that mammograms are useless, and even dangerous.”. Then in reply to a comment who asks how they know Sharyn has breast cancer without scans:

        “Hi Angie, thanks so much for your comment! My mum has had an MRI and an ultrasound plus a breast examination by a breast cancer specialist. From all of this, they are certain that she has breast cancer. She also has breast cancer tumour markers that indicate active cancer. All of this was enough for mum to realise that she has to do something about getting her body back in balance. In my mum’s case, mammograms and biopsies are not needed and would actually be detrimental to her healing. xx”

        incidentally, in the same comments, she recommends black salve for mole removal, even posting a link where to buy it:
        “Hi Tracey,
        Have you ever looked into black salve or “cansema”? It’s a topical ointment that will drawn out any skin cancers. If it’s cancerous, it will cause a reaction, but if it’s not it will just make the area red. It says on the site that it’s for dogs and horses, but it’s okay for ALL ANIMALS (aka, including us). In my opinion it’s the way to go if you have a suspicious lump….. With a few applications, the black salve will actually draw out any malignant tissue. It’s amazing stuff. You should watch the DVD One Answer To Cancer.”

      • Hi Alice – I’ve found via the wayback page an October 2012 interview from Wellness Warrior TV: What Women Must Know About Breast Cancer With Dr Sherrill Sellman – warning – guaranteed to will make your very ragey . You may have to play a couple of times to load fully, but I could run the whole thing http://web.archive.org/web/20121028180514/http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwrUNW7ukgg&gl=US&hl=en
        Jess starts the interview with ” So, why is pink ribbon month basically useless?”, with the Dr responding with the ususal “Basically it is co-opted by big corporate agendas, who want to promote carcinogenic products” Followed by mentioning KFC putting pink ribbons on their products and much gasping and wide eyes by Jess .

        Then launches into Jess asking her opinion on chemo & radiation and standard care, cue eyerolling by Dr while she sais “well….thats a CHOICE, an option “eyeroll eyeroll” ….but I’ve known many women who have healed naturally, “….
        Basically she concludes you can heal cancer (via repairing telomeres) with gratitude and compassion. Gratitude and compassion = the cure for cancer. Who knew?

  16. Well, that reads kind of like “She would probably have recovered from her cancer if not for that pesky fungating tumour in her armpit.”

    I don’t believe the oncologist said that about ‘whatever you’ve been doing for the last 7 years”, or if s/he said it they were just being kind (as real doctors frequently are).

    He’s an awful writer (if it is even him writing & not some PR hack), he doesn’t have the talent of direct, sincere-sounding communication with the reader that Jess had. He comes across as fudging the truth and underplaying how sick she was, bigtime. The cashing-in is quite transparent, at least to me. I would hope even her most deluded followers aren’t idiotic enough to swallow lines like “our inspirational leader Jess”.

    I wonder if he will continue to run a bar while promoting green juices? Maybe the wellness warrior is enough of a cash cow that he won’t need to be a bar owner anymore.

    • Rosalie, I hope it’s ok to post the full text:

      “** Awesome friend,
      Wow, what a week and month it’s been. While on one hand I can say it’s so lovely to be here speaking with you again, on the other I know this isn’t what any of us had planned at all… What was meant to happen, was the return of our beautiful Jess in the new year filling your inbox with weekly nuggets of love and wisdom. Gosh she missed you and was so looking forward to coming back. Now I am left with this feeling like a piece of me is missing, a piece that I will never get back, I know you feel it too. However, Jess would constantly remind me that Everything is Always Unfolding Perfectly and now more than ever, I need to trust that there is truth in that.

      The reason for me being back in your inbox is to thank you for all of your messages of love and support to myself and Jess’ family. I was hoping to reply to you all individually however for now please let me share with you what’s been going on with me and a little more insight into the last months of Jess’ time with us …

      This year has stripped me of the one thing that brought magic to every other aspect of my life. I have been taken to a place so foreign and unknown with no navigational bearing on how to get back. Loved ones tell me to be strong during this time… but the thing is I don’t want to be strong… I want to cry when I’m sad, yell when I’m angry and smile during those fleeting moments of happiness brought on by the memories we created together. I want to sit in silence and be present with every single emotion that decides to show up. It’s in those moments that I feel closest to her.

      I also believe that emotion is just ‘energy-in-motion’ and it is so important to feel whatever’s going on in the body. If we try to push it down, never giving it the release it desires, it tends to show up later in our life, 10-fold. I can’t begin to explain how good it feels to express this. For when you start unpacking all of your fears and worries you restore balance to the body, allowing your true light to shine through.

      Jess loved being so open with you and wearing her heart on her sleeve. As you know, the last 12 months of her life were the hardest. Just months after losing her beloved mum, Jess started noticing signs that her cancer was returning. It was a challenging time but of course she never gave up. Even until her last breath five weeks ago.

      So let me fill you in a little more. As you may remember, in her last letter to you Jess wrote:

      “I’ve spent my time doing lots of research into treatment options. I’ve been speaking to doctors, healers, and specialists and I’ve been completely opening myself up to attracting the right people who will help me heal – whether they are from the natural medicine world or conventional. My beliefs have been completely shaken up and I’ve had to drop any remnants of fear and ego that were preventing me from exploring these options sooner. I’ve discovered that when we completely close ourselves off from something, the universe will sure enough give us an experience that makes us see that everything has a place. It’s been completely eye-opening and very, very humbling.

      I believe that as a result of my willingness to stop controlling my healing path and surrender to whatever the universe has up its sleeves to help me, I’ve attracted the most amazing healing team. I’m working with an oncologist who is kind, caring and non-judgemental – completely unlike any of the specialists I worked with in the early days of my journey. When we are open and in a state of surrender, the right people/situations/tools will appear. Final decisions and plans are now in process and I’ll keep you in the loop in the new year.”

      The plan for us was simple (it’s been the same since the start) – To do what ever the body needs to give it the best chance to fully heal. Before Christmas we were so relieved to receive scans confirming that the cancer had not spread beyond the original area. I actually smiled when our oncologist said ‘what ever you’ve been doing for the past 7 years seems to have been working’.

      This was fantastic news however the fungating tumour in Jess’s shoulder had become large and painful. For the first time, Jess’ ability to enjoy her favourite things like walking our furbabies on the beach was becoming difficult.

      After carefully discussing all options with oncologists, healers and specialists around the world, Jess was offered targeted radiation as the best option with a 50/50 possibility of improving her quality of life or limiting it further. This was a risky and tough decision but Jess bravely embraced this last chance option.

      In true wellness warrior style, we integrated our natural healing regime with the recommend radiation. Finally the walls were broken down between conventional and unconventional medicine – I don’t know why as a society we feel we must choose one or the other. This was something Jess was looking forward to sharing with you. It was an exciting evolution from her earlier days of feeling that she had to be part of one extreme world or the other (After all, if everyone is striving towards the same goal, doesn’t it make sense that we all work together).

      The next 6 weeks were some of the toughest we had experienced, both mentally and physically. All the while Jess displayed a sense of courage and grace that I am yet to see in anybody else I have ever met – myself included. She was so thankful to the nurses who helped change her dressings and spoke so positively about her treating oncologist. Jess felt looked after by them alongside her nutritional and spiritual healers. Finally we had a truly integrative team. Something I wish for everyone experiencing cancer.

      Right up until the last day of her life, Jess was sitting up in the hospital bed with her best friends giggling and drinking green juice. Talking about upcoming wedding plans and future names for our babies. She never gave up and always had hope.

      While the radiation did appear to shrink the large tumour mass, some complications arose during the final stages of the treatment. Not long after, the words I LOVE YOU would leave from my lips only to fall softly upon Jess’s ears for the last time. I said good-bye to the love of my life that day and my heart has been in a million pieces since.

      There has been a lot of finger pointing lately, people wanting to lay blame for personal choices others have made. I am not here to add to this confusion. At the end of the day we all have the right to choose how we live this life, and ultimately how we leave it.

      Unconventional medicine has come under fire lately, even to the point where family members are blamed for supporting a loved ones chosen healing path. But to me this ignites the horrendous topic of blaming family members when the choices of conventional medicine have also failed – in this version of reality how does anybody win?

      Only now looking back do we realise that Jess wasn’t just here to learn, she was here to teach. Her message is far greater than that of a girl living with an illness. I believe her real message was to learn how to thrive in your current situation no matter what life throws at you. That is her legacy and the message we will carry moving forward. This all stems from the source of pure love of oneself and when you come from a place of deep, abiding self love, you free yourself of anything detrimental to your health and happiness – food, people, things, situations and everything that draws you down and away from your true self.

      Jess showed me what it means to live in a world full of love, and I sincerely wish you experience this level of happiness too. Even in her death Jess continues to teach us. She is now more powerful than ever, and if at times you find yourself feeling lost, simply call on his angel for her guidance and support.

      So where to from here…

      We experienced our first ever #BlessedByJess. A day where we honor our inspirational leader Jess Ainscough, simply by honoring ourselves. I personally loved hearing your stories – from something as simple as drinking a green juice, all the way up to transforming your entire lifestyle. We’ve got some cool ideas for this in the near future so stay tuned. If you have any ideas too, please let us know.

      This year we will be working with Jess’ beloved book publishers Hay House on the Jess Ainscough Writers Scholarship, which will award aspiring wellness authors the opportunity to publish their book in the spirit of Jess. With the help of Yvette Luciano from Earth HQ, we will help shape their careers and extend their message in the same way I will always miss working with Jess.

      The money you kindly donated in lieu of flowers is helping Edgars mission to build a new Piggy Paradise. A brand new sanctuary for rescue pigs and we all know how much Jess loved her squishy nosed friends.

      Finally as requested Jess’s beloved blog will return, (insert screams of joy), once more filling your days with insights and tips on how you can become the bestest, brightest, shiniest version of yourself. I’m in the midst of finalising some big changes that Jess and I were working on during the break. It’s really beautiful, I can’t wait for you to see what she created. Thank you for your patience on this.

      Finally, thank you for your kindness, thank you for your support and thank you for your love – I feel it every day and hope you know what a positive difference you have made to both Jess’ and my life.

      I hope you have a wonderful Easter surrounded by loved ones and I will chat with you again very soon.

      Be Kind. Be Brave. Be Free.

      Tallon and the Wellness Warrior team

      • Some of us have, all along, highly suspected Tallon and Jess’ circle of delusional “warriors” would continue this cash-cow, because….well why not, everyone’s broke now and Tallon has to live, and that god-forsaken fake make-up-whatever-you-want-so-you-can-make-money fraudulent circle of quacks can also piggyback on each others’ lies – it’s all a big game to them, and the ONLY agenda is to make money. They didn’t care about Jess, her family, you or I, they only care about what they learned in b-school, how to write limitless useless “love and light” poetry and sell products and books. The whole lot of them need to be prosecuted as frauds. Use this time of discovery (Lying_Belle et al) to write your government and demand these frauds are investigated and lose their businesses. Demand your local media gives the other side of the story, with legitimate oncologist input and sources that refute the quacks. These fraudsters are coming out of the wood-work in droves, there is never a better time than NOW to crush them in their tracks.

  17. I don’t believe for a minute that he is the sole author of this post. My gut feeling tells me that Yvette Luciano is somehow going to be the new puppeteer. This re-birth has been months in the planning. Posts on YL’s page has indicated the resurrection of the Wellness Warrior and Tallon will be the front man. He is after all, the one who can pull at the heart strings. Cynical ? You bet!

  18. Completely agree. No way was that written by a surfer dude. In a previous post Yvette said “Once things really started taking off, we brought her fiance Tallon into Team Wellness Warrior. We forgot to warn Tal that our business meetings were usually half work and half play. So many laughs yet the work always got done somehow.” Testimonial from Jess: “Yvette is an absolute joy to work with, brimming with incredible ideas, and so much energy and enthusiasm to do the work and make sure my dream vision becomes reality. Yvette is my secret weapon.”

    She’s also behind this Paleo Diet Tour debacle.

  19. As a fellow conventional medicine devotee, I am thrilled that Yvette Luciano is still alive and thriving after five years. After having chemotherapy, radiation, a mastectomy and hormone treatment however, I have to wonder how she justifies running a company aggressively promoting natural treatments for cancer and those who claim they work?!?! It really is all about the money, isn’t it.

    • I do not understand why conventional medicine is good enough for them, but not for their “followers”. What are they trying to do here? Are they hoping that one of their followers will cure cancer with woo and prove everyone wrong?

      I like how in Tallon’s letter he wrote about how he now thinks that people could have both conventional and alternative treatment. Um, hello! Earth to Tallon! That is what we have been saying here for over a year now. Let Jessica have her organic juice, but for the love of God, get her proper medical care.

      I still do not understand the point of telling everyone she was still drinking green juice until the day she died. Was it just to show that she died healthy or something? I really do not understand this very well. If a person only has a couple of days left to live, then I would think it a lot better that they were drinking milkshakes.

    • I am continually wondering the same thing. The only answer is MONEY. Yvette and co.’s love for money clearly outweighs any moral obligations. The most laughable thing of all is that these people pride themselves on their ‘honesty’. Seriously WTF

  20. I don’t know who he thinks he’s talking to but I don’t believe for a second she was ‘Right up until the last day of her life sitting up in the hospital bed with her best friends giggling and drinking green juice’

    No way. A close family member of mine died of cancer and his last day was absolutely, needless to say his DYING hours, sitting up giggling drinking green juice??? On her last day??.
    As if.

    • Yes, I thought the same thing. There she is at death’s doorstep and happily giggling away? Wow, no kidding? But then I read Amanda Rootsey’s tribute to Jess, in which she says:

      “My favourite memory of Jess though is an afternoon and evening with her last Wednesday, just one day before she rose above us. Tallon, Yvette, Jess and I laughed as Yvette told stories in the beautifully vibrant way that only she can, Tallon was as positive and beautiful as ever and Jess’s eyes were bright and her laugh was big. We laughed about our fur babies and how when we compare them to people’s babies we probably don’t quite realise just how offensive that can be! We talked about how amazing Jess and Tal’s wedding was going to be … [snip] … I didn’t think it would be the last time I saw her. But then I know that’s exactly how she wanted it.”


      I wouldn’t trust some members of that tribe – Tallon, Yvette, maybe one or two more – to tell the truth, but Amanda seems like a pretty nice person and her account of that last night rings true to me. In particular, in saying she didn’t think it would be the last time she saw Jess, that goes some way towards explaining how Jess could still have been feeling well enough to be laughing.

      Tallon’s email did say “some complications arose during the final stages of the treatment.” Maybe it was something that carried her away very suddenly. Or maybe she was enabled to choose the time of her own passing.

      • Yes, people can deteriorate very rapidly. Her friend Nicole Chatham also mentioned it was quick. If for example she had developed sepsis she may have been well (ish) one day and not the next. Whatever the case may be, I’m glad it was relatively quick for her in the end

      • Thanks Rachel shedding light in this , I don’t follow or read any of Amanda Rootsey’s work. Thought it sounded very strange being able to sit up giggling etc on her last day.
        Sounds like for all her friends and family it was also a shock the end came when it did.

  21. I just noticed that I’m banned from Yvette L and Amanda R FB pages. I have never posted there but I have tweeted the author of that good article in the Australian yesterday tagging the ladies They were quick in reacting!

    • Candice-Marie Fox banned a lot of us and now has the chutzpah to complain that people are posting under fake profiles. Um….

      Seriously though what is up with the bans? All they have to do is respond. They all think that they are totally immune from the critique and criticism. It is so childish.

    • For my sins, I don’t mind Amanda Rootsey and if I was going to actually look at any of these wellness blogs for entertainment/distraction it’d be hers. I think she’s gorgeous, and she looks a bit out of place in all those photos of preening, long haired, fake-tanned, arrogant Mean Wellness Girls like Melissa Ambrosini and Yvette Luciano. She acknowledges she had conventional treatment and that it saved her life. She also doesn’t try to hide the fact that she’s not particularly bright by trying to preach about ‘research’ and ‘science’. She mostly sticks to what she knows from being a model, which is makeup, beauty, deportment and organic undies (where would we be without that information).
      Now what’s my penance…..

      • Linda, I’m a follower of many of these types of people, I like Amanda too. I don’t think theres anything wrong with having a foot in each camp so to speak. It’s the lying and covering up like Jess did that I take issue with

      • It’s interesting you say that about Melissa A and co. Because something about Her really irks me too. I think it’s the way in which they piggy backed on the back of jess’ success. I Wonder how many of these show ponies would have stuck around if she wasn’t making money

      • ” … photos of preening, long haired, fake-tanned, arrogant Mean Wellness Girls like Melissa Ambrosini and Yvette Luciano. …”

        Well, that made me laugh! I suppose in all fairness, if you hang around with a fake crowd then fake would seem like the new normal, but Melissa Ambrosini seems to be very much setting the pace there. I never think it’s a good look to smile the way she smiles for the camera, baring all of her very white, very even teeth to the fullest extent. It just looks so … fake.

        The top banner on her website reads:

        Hey Beautiful, are you living your dream life right now?
        Answer yes or no to receive a special gift from me

        In other words, one way or the other you’re going to get a free gift, Beautiful. (I have no idea what the gift is, but I bet it’s not money.)

        It just strikes me as quite shamelessly insincere to call someone Beautiful, or My Darling, or tell them you love them immensely when you don’t know them from Adam. But, you know, maybe that’s because I’ve never been involved with people who think that’s normal behaviour. I’m actually really grateful for that.

        Oh, and someone commented on Orac’s blog about Yvette Luciano: “That manager is a real piece of work.”

        Yup, my thoughts exactly. I’m sure that’s not what they think they’re putting out there though.

  22. I was suspicious from the beginning that Tallon was not entirely responsible for that last newsletter going out. Like most, the ‘dream team’ Yvette Luciano et al could have been authors, or at least co-authors. It just didn’t ring right!

    Here is a post on Orac’s blog.


    sunshine coast
    April 11, 2015
    As a neighbour I have had many conversations with parmentor and sorry but all is not well in the state of Denmark !
    I honestly cannot believe he wrote the email be puts his name to . . .

    I just wish they would let Jess RIP

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