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It has been one hell of a week around here. When the news broke last Friday that Jess Ainscough had passed away from the cancer she attempted to cure with Gerson ‘Therapy’, I took a few moments to pause and reflect on what the response should be on this blog. I decided to acknowledge her passing with this brief post, but to give her loved ones  respect and space by not making comment on their loss at this time. We all know what it is like to lose someone we love, and I did not want to exacerbate their pain in any way.

But then, fans and followers of Jess started googling her name and found this blog in their thousands. I guess considering the amount of traffic that has been here this week,  the amount of unpleasant and nonsensical comments left is actually quite low. In any case, there has been too many of these comments to keep up with and moderate so I have numbered and collated them in one document for anyone who cares to spend their time reading the whole 25 pages of them, and I’ll share a few highlights here. One comment in particular sums up exactly how nefarious Gerson ‘Therapy’ is. Put simply, by ‘France ‘ (comment #98): if it doesn’t work, its your own fault.

“If it didn’t work for you, it is because you have done something wrong or because it is not working for you. Jess has stopped the ferson (sic) therapy 2 years before she passed away and used other natural treatments. The gerson therapy is powerful. It is helping a lot of people out there. It is dangerous when it is not done properly like you probably have. No need to blame the therapy for your own mistakes.”

The comments generally fitted into the following categories, and I have included some excerpts for your reading pleasure. You can use the numbers to locate the full comments in the document here.

1. Outright insults and abuse, some even included passive aggressive ‘concerns’ or ‘well wishes’ for my troubled self.

Bex: (6) “Cold, heartless person u are.”

Bec: (7) “You should be absolutely disgusted with yourself, people like u make me sick.”

Drmschafer: (8) “What a horrible human being… Your ignorance and hate are what’s wrong in this world.

John: (96) “you are a complete troll utter gutter crap fuck off with your big pharma deluded nonsense”

Sarah: (13) “My sympathy to you for the hurt you must be experiencing in your life causing you to want to take it out on others around you.”

And finally, Kate (15). She wins ‘best on ground’ for the insults section with this sterling effort:

“You are a Dog shit person.”


2. People who miss the point (being the spread, and profiting from health misinformation and the concealment of her actual condition), and think the issue is Jess’ freedom to make her own personal medical decisions.

Deborah (31) “Last time i checked Australia was a democracy were people are free to take whatever medical journey they choose. “

Nichola (32) “Jess exercised her right to choice. To judge this is absurd. “

Cat: (38) “Why the outrage – are we a democratic society – do we not have choices available to us? Why vilify someone for their medical choices?…”

Kate (39) “Honestly how dare anyone judge Jess and her choices…. She had every right to make choices for her body and her life.”


3. People who thought Jess had never made any claims about being in the process of curing, or having cured herself.

I moderated most of those through and responded with a link to this post detailing all the instances I could be bothered finding of her making such claims.

4. Fans of alternatives to medicine or those with  anecdotes about cancer ‘cures’.

Jim: (30) “…people die from cancer. Even people who choose only conventional treatment – thousands die undergoing medical treatment for cancer just as they do with natural therapies. This is not an excuse to discredit natural therapies. There is a place for both natural and conventional treatments in cancer.”

Grahame (34) “Alternative therapies do work but it’s not a magic bullet for every case.”

Katie (44) “Nutrition CAN reverse many cancers and truly has. I have no experience with the Gerson therapy, but my aunt cleared cervical cancer that threatened to take her cervix and uterus in 1990 by eating a raw vegan diet, taking supplements, quitting smoking, quitting caffeine etc.”


5. People wanting to tell me how unsuccessful or bad conventional treatment is, how evil doctors and pharmaceutical companies are.

Mike (37) ” Ive stopped my melanoma with quakery… open your eyes to GP system and Big are blind to death by chemicals….”

Gisele (50) “Right, because every cancer patient treated with chemotherapy did survive… It is sickening that people prefer to throw a chemical bomb into their body in the hope to stay alive… CHEMICALS!”

Anon (61) ‘I don’t want to knock doctors here – I believe they truly want the best for their patients but at the end of the day they are obsequious to the drug companies who peddle chemicals to treat cancer. Can’t make money from a carrot juice can you? So there’s no incentive for them to promote it or test it? You can’t blame them either, they have shareholders who need a return – that’s just way the world works.”

Elk (78) “Why not pick on the non successful Chemo, Surgery and Radiation treatments which only serve greedy multi-national pharmaceutical corporations and radiotherapy corporates who make huge profits while patients who choose these treatments suffer terrible side effects. Sadly the medical establishments dont want to know about alternative treatments and instead pander to greed when it comes to cancer.”

B.D (93) “for those of you who think the Oncologists and Surgeons have all the answers and have your best interest at heart, I hope you never have to find out how foolish you are.”


Then there was Michael (46) who simply asked “Rosalie, who pays you?”

Because I couldn’t possibly have an opinion without someone telling me what it is and paying me to express it. Right?

And when I failed to moderate all this nonsense through, then came the cries of “CENSORSHIP!”

Pomona (55-59) “I bet you don’t publish my comments ! You appear to only publish those comments that are in line with your ‘ideal’ world & agenda.”

“Just curious ???? Where’s the comment I posted half an hour ago ????? Didn’t you like it ??????

I guess It’s too controversial ,its SAD as too many people are afraid to talk about what I just commented on (shame I wasted my Sunday afternoon writing to you). Please post it ! I’m sharing some very important TRUTHS !”

Cayley (73) “wow you are just as selective with with comments you publish – and you cpmpain to Jess about deleting yours. Seriously this is not cool. Dont you have the guts to publish my comment because you know its the truth.”

Toni (75) “Interesting how comments against Rosalies beliefs are not showing…”

I had to chose an overall winner, I think the prize would go to Sarah (42) for her armchair psychiatry. Enjoy:

“…the explanation for these people’s apparent complete lack of compassion toward another human being that has made the most sense to me is the research brought forward by leading psychologists and the National Institute of mental health. Having studied psychopathy in depth, they claim to have come to the conclusion 1 in 100 people have psychopathic, sociopathic tendencies. This can be as simple as an inability to feel empathy for others.

If you research these tendencies, it begins to make sense how the majority of us feel a deep sadness for the loss of Jess and an immense compassion her family, and others, seemingly a small minority, display a complete lack of empathy instead choosing to cause further harm. We cannot understand how they see no problem with their behavior however we don’t know that they have the capacity to feel this compassion. It makes it easier not to take it so personally. People with these tendencies have brains that are wired differently. they don’t know what they don’t have the capacity to feel. This post is not intended to cause offence, it is presented for consideration of a very real problem. The concern is the damage inflicted by these people in our communities as demonstrated by pages such as this. …”


So these folks are the kind of folks who watched Jess waste what time she had left on this earth following restrictive diets and pointless rituals. They cheered her on in their smug, superior, ‘knowledge’ that they all knew better than science and medicine, thinking she was infallible due to this superior ‘knowledge’. What they actually did was enabled and encouraged a young woman to squander the only chance she had. Jess may have made different choices if she didn’t have legions of google ‘researchers’ wellness warriors cheering on her every foolish utterance. She may have made the same choices. We don’t know.

What we do know is that the wellness industry isn’t quite as full of positive, vibrant, healthy souls full of love and light as they would have us think. The mail received here in the past week is evidence of that.

Even more predictable is they way The Gerson Institute washed their hands of her with this tweet.

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 7.15.26 pm

They took $5,500 per week, for three weeks to host Jess at their institute and convince her that she could  cure her cancer with their ridiculous regime. They used her in publicity and she raved about them endlessly, no doubt raising their profile in Australia. Just like all health charlatans though, once it became apparent their quackery doesn’t work they pulled out the tried and tested method of blaming the victim. These people have blood on their hands, but most certainly no conscience weighing them down.


Edited to add: The Gerson Institute have issued a defence of their therapy tribute to Jess. Apparentley their ‘therapy’ isn’t a cure now, and it “can’t save everyone”. But they think it is important that people are free to chose pointless, expensive ‘treatments’ that won’t help them. Yup. No conscience at all. (Thanks to Alice for the tip).

71 thoughts on “Fan Mail From The Wellness World

  1. That post from Gerson really is the lowest, meanest thing possible. When Jess left the Institute everything she wrote showed she had the clear impression that if she faithfully followed the “treatment” for 2 full years it would effect a cure. It seems that she followed it to the letter for 2 years, then eased up a bit, by eating a larger variety of foods.

    Now Gerson claims that she was not on the treatment at the time of her death, so it isn’t their fault. Doubtlessly people who die while still on the treatment are blamed for not doing it correctly.

  2. First of all I don’t appreciate all the rude and mean comments to Rosalie!!!! If anyone has anything to say…bring it on to me. I support her 1000000000% She has been nothing but respectful and loving about the whole situation. She wants answers just like all of us do. We don’t think its fair that peoples lives are at stake for some bogus therapy that clearly doesn’t work. Why encourage other vulnerable people who are suffering. The truth is the truth. So I will advise you to shut it down. Don’t say rude and disrespectful things to Rosalie.

    I have your back! You don’t have to deal with it. It is certainly not personal. these people are angry and in if you ask me a cult. How can they not see the truth?


    • Oh Ceejay, thanks so much for your enthusiastic support! I haven’t taken any of it personally, these people don’t know me as a person, they are angry at what I write. I just keep reminding myself of that.

      R x

  3. Rosalie, I’m truly horrified at all these comments.. I had no idea that they were reacting quite so severely and so disgustingly. I’m sure Jess, wherever she is would be horrified too at what she created. I truly do think she was a kind woman, with good intentions in the beginning. I have passed her in person and she really did seem like a lovely woman, if not ill informed. You only have to look at her final wish for donations being made to Edgar’s Mission to know she did have a good heart.

    That being said, this ‘tribe’ she created and eventually enabled her is truly shocking.. and it makes me realise how history has been so filled with people who do bad things.. yet have thousands or millions of supporters.. there’s always the few that will speak up against them though and I thank you for that.. keep doing what you do, and don’t stop!

  4. Rosalie, your posts have always been so well written, respectful and sincere.

    I sense a lot of anger and stupidity from these reactions to your blog which is a dangerous combination. Frightening when their stubborn ignorance has them convinced they have cured themselves of cancer. By the time they wake up to themselves they may find that it is too late. Yet they will viciously attack you for wanting to prevent tragic death and loss as in the case of Jess?

    These kinds of reactions were inevitable. But you have been a part of a really important discussion that has unfolded over the past week, it is great to see the conversation play out in the media without so much misinformation.

    Thank you for stimulating such an important topic in an educated way.

  5. “their smug, superior, ‘knowledge’ that they all knew better than science and medicine” … perfect. I hate pseudo-science(/medicine) with a passion, and that sentence right there sums it up.
    Thank you so much for this blog … I only found it recently, and it has made for some fascinating and enlightening reading.

  6. Thank you for yours posts Rosalie. Just thank you. Always written with such respect and wisdom. In arguments with people I try to recite your words but instead I just send them to your blog to read your posts – you say everything that needs to be said but you say it better than I ever could

  7. Oh, Rosalie.

    What can I say, except that I’m so sorry that you have had to wade through all of those (frequently) illogical & usually vitriolic comments from those who would usually claim to be “spiritual” and full of “love and light”.

    Obviously – many of them have major problems with reading comprehension, and as you say they don’t know you as a person but merely disagree with some of what they’ve seen you write. I find it interesting & ironic that it is frequently this kind of person who is one of the fastest to resort to claims that their “freedom of speech” is being impinged upon!

    When Jess first passed away, I really didn’t know what to say. I really didn’t think I could contribute anything that hadn’t already been pointed out by others. I also had a fair idea that you would’ve been inundated with the kinds of “lovely” responses that you have published both above & in the link you provided. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for attempting to shine a light on the sorts of pseudo-scientific guff which, historically anyway, has been promoted without thought in the mainstream Australian media far, far too often. Please keep doing what you do 🙂

  8. Have you seen the official statement released by her family? They’re still holding with the lie that the cancer “resurfaced” after the death of her mother, rather than the truth, which is that it never went away. It also seems that she did try conventional medicine this past year, perhaps after realising that she wasn’t thriving after all.

    I’m sorry that Jessica had to go through this, I would never wish cancer on anyone but I am angry that even now, after she has paid the ultimate price, her tribe are sticking with this version of her truth.

    Keep up the great work, Rosalie. I’ve only recently discovered this blog and have been super impressed with how you manage to state the truth without judgement, calling people out on the hypocrisy, responding to negative comments with class and maintaining an honest and open discussion around some fairly sensitive topics. 🙂

  9. I’ve been reading a lot of comments on other sites regarding this subject. What strikes me the most is that the people slinging insults and abuse are those who are ‘defending’ Jess. ‘Super ignorant pharmawhore troll’ was used in the comments on MBG. This speaks volumes to me. And I fully support a lot of the lifestyle choices that Jess adopted and promoted, but as a positive and healthy lifestyle choice. It frustrates me that people aren’t distinguishing this from essential medical treatment.

  10. Whilst most of my views are in alignment with yours my conclusion differs. You say in your closing statements “What they actually did was enabled and encouraged a young woman to squander the only chance she had” and this is where I disagree. It would appear that instead of living a normal life minus an arm, she did what few manage to do in a lifetime and rose to celebrity status. She lived it up! Touring, preaching to legions of the converted, being sought after, being the recipient of countless emails telling her she is admired and respected AND making lots of money! It must have been quite a ride having risen to true celebrity status and even harder to give up. Of course, it was all based on the lie that she had cured herself and this soon to be forgotten lie is the tragedy for me. People will remember her as a great warrior and never know it was BS!

  11. Hi Rosalie, recently stumbled on your blog and have enjoyed reading it. It takes a strong character to write about what you do! Are you planning on commenting on the Belle Gibson ‘situation’?

    • I think Violet and the others have the Belle Gibson saga covered, but it doesn’t look as though she was being honest.

      I think in many of these cases the media has a lot to answer for. The reporting of these situations on face value without fact checking or investigating the likelihood of the claims being true is inexcusable and they share responsibility for deceptions such as these.

      • I 100% agree Rosalie. Within half an hour of looking At Belles fb last week I had alarm bells clanging. Why does the media take every claim as gospel from these people?? Someone could announce they are Jesus reincarnated and they would believe it

      • Ah, slightly awkward moment where I’ve sent you an email asking you if you’re going to cover the Belle Gibson situation and then I see this. Where can I find writing by ‘Violet and the others’? Would love to read.

        Thanks for this great post. I feel sorry for these people. Jess Ainscough might have been inspirational and a nice person etc. But the promotion of accurate information is essential when talking about health. Especially life and death situations. Public figures DO have responsibility and no amount of nonsensical abuse can change that.

  12. Totally agree Rosalie. Hopefully journalists will now probe much further before printing anymore misleading ‘I cured my cancer with….’ stories. As a former cancer patient it has been frustrating to read these types of articles.

    I’m sorry to hear about the disgraceful comments you’ve received. I’ve read this blog for many months, it’s been an incredible couple of weeks and amazing to see the truth behind Jess Ainscoughs & Belle Gibsons cancer stories hit the mainstream. Thanks a million to you for all your work.

    Also thank you to Violet for your blogging and well, just wow.

    I’m relieved to see the truth behind these cancer stories exposed. It’s been very sad to see Jess Ainscough pass away and I hope that Belle Gibson gets help with any possible issues she may have. But my thoughts primarily are with the cancer patients that may have been influenced or harmed by these misleading cancer stories.

  13. I have to admit, I followed Jess for a number of years and when I first read your post (and some of the others) I was quite offended. Even though I don’t agree with how she treated her cancer, I do agree with the healthy lifestyle and attitude she promoted and never felt like she was trying to swindle people. Therefore I felt like you / they were attacking her personally and it was pretty harsh considering she could no longer defend herself. However, I do agree that it is irresponsible for anyone to promote unproven treatments and it is important for people to question this whether it’s a popular / unpopular decision (depending which camp you sit in!). Even though I’ve contradicted myself, I genuinely believe that Jess thought she was doing the right thing so ultimately I will continue to defend her. It’s a shame that people can’t have debates on their differing beliefs without the vitriol that is spewed at them. So I apologise, Rosie, for the abuse you have received because I don’t think neither you (or Jess) deserve it

    • Hi Rosalie

      I have been following Orac’s blog closely and like you there has been an inundation from the so called ‘lovely spirits’. Many of the comments have just been ideological – amazing how people respond when their ideology is threatened and the truth comes out.

      Speaking of the truth coming out, the Gerson institutes’s true colours are showing aren’t they? They seem more concerned with protecting their business interests than showing empathy. Whilst they are quick to remind us that ‘Jess gave up Gersons’, shame they weren’t as interested in promoting the truth about the misguided message from Jess about its efficacy – where were they then????.

      I read their official ‘tribute’ to Jess and I gotta say ‘tribute my arse’! This was nothing but a PR exercise. It just shows that Gersons is not goodness, witht about helping people, it is just about money. GERSONS IS JUST ABOUT MAKING MONEY BY TAKING ADVANTAGE OF DESPERATE PEOPLE. They are no better than drug dealers praying on addicts or any other predator preying on the vulnerable. It doesn’t matter which side of the debate you are on, you can’t deny that their ethics suck!

      Jess was a lovely young woman who was taken advantage of. That makes me sad for her and mad as hell at the same time.

      Thanks Rosalie for bringing this to our attention.

  14. Perhaps your overall negative trolling comment prizewinner ‘Sarah’ could have done a little armchair psychological reseaarch on ‘projection’, that is the projection of your own faults on others, particularly others with whom you disagree. Maybe she works for the American Republican party

  15. My friend was using Gerson Therapy to “cure” his cancer. They told him that he would have to stay on the therapy for 2 years – not 4-5 like they’re now claiming. The doctors there also gave him the go-ahead after three months on the program to reduce the number of juices and enemas. This was after the cancer had spread throughout his body.

    I can almost guarantee that the doctors gave Jess the go-ahead to stop/reduce the therapy, and now they’re trying to cover their asses.

  16. I am so glad they are looking into this. So conveniently she isn’t home when the police get there and claims the media “misrepresented” her. Why doesn’t she make a statement to her followers about the truth. The girl has major issues. i hope that everyone sees this through until the end. Her followers are still holding out thinking she may have mental issues. It’s all an excuse. This girl rode on private jets….traveled across the world….all with mneu she didn’t donate and all based on a lie….sad sad sad.

    • Belle..

      Yes, apparently she has fled to the US overnight. Not sure what good she thinks that will do. I”d say she has mental issues alright. Like Jess she would have been quite young when all of this happened…..pprobably narcissistic.

  17. I wonder at what point did Jessica and her loved ones realise things were truly dire?

    Her best friend sent out an email honoring her with a photo that clearly shows her wounds up her arm and hand
    “…My best friend, soul sister, hero and biggest inspiration found her wings and decided it was time to fly. This, however, wasn’t the plan. We were meant to go on a holiday to Hawaii this year and I was meant to be a bridesmaid at her wedding in September. ..”

    • “…My best friend, soul sister, hero and biggest inspiration found her wings and decided it was time to fly…”

      That is crap. On Orac’s blog, someone calling themselves FamilyFriend posted saying that Jess died quite regretful about the path she had taken. I think that this is true as it fits with her last post which said “..fuck my life…”.

      It is pathetic the way people try and resolve dissonance in their lives seem to try and put a positive spin on things to make themselves feel better = but it is denial. Jess didn’t sprout wings and fly because she decided to!

      It is a part of the problem for these ‘woo’ types – they are actually disillusioned with their predicament don’t have the courage to be honest and face the truth. Yes, Jess was a lovely young lady, but her situation was tragic.

  18. I’m appalled by the vile correspondence your measured, compassionate investigative reporting has elicited. It is truly tragic that a young life could have apparently received such poor guidance from people she trusted in the early days post-diagnosis or made decisions that flew in the face of expert clinical advice. But that does not excuse the blatant deception that you’ve revealed in recent times; the masquerade that the Wellness Warrior’s public image clearly demanded has in fact meant that she has never really meaningfully (or truthfully) engaged in debate or discussion about her health
    — certainly not about her deteriorating condition — with her followers. How awkwardly this refusal to be honest sits with her sunny, feel-good mantra of “Always speak your truth” (from “Wellness Women We Love: Jessica Ainscough, Wellness Warrior”). Or perhaps that is the problem — it’s “her” truth.
    I hope you write a book – it’s been a fascinating expose to read! And your commentary brings up questions once again about the pervasive, glib and glossy influence of social media on our desire and drive to buy/buy into fantasies of wellness, healing, romance and fame.

  19. It saddens me so much to see how deluded people can become over the subject of cancer “cures”. I work with terminally ill clients and I’ve seen Gerson Therapy in action, along with promised Ayurvedic “cures” , which in my belief, not only did not stop the cancer, but hastened the persons demise, due to the weakness of the body. I am a yoga teacher and I work with techniques to ease the suffering and help improve feelings of Wellbeing in my patients, but I would never suggest yoga is a cure for cancer. I am so very sorry for Jess and more so for her family and friends left behind, but there has to be an end to alternative( I call them complementary) practitioners, claiming they can cure this disease. Look at the recent example of Belle Gibson, who very possibly lied about her own cancer to sell her app and book. Often there is no training or education behind these claims. People with cancer are extremely vulnerable. To deceive them is beyond conscionable.

  20. I work for a supplier, and a great deal of our customers run businesses within the wellness and alternative therapies world. Nothing wrong with that – I’m not saying they are woo pushers. But what I have found is that the most rude, demanding and just down right nasty customers have their businesses deeply embedded in the promotion of love, light, health, happiness, positivity etc. The hypocrisy kills me!

    Now, I’m not saying that every customer from a wellness or complementary therapy background is like this, but the customers I most dread dealing with certainly are.

  21. This is the problem with the whole alternative-wellness treatment sector. On the surface, it appears as a humane “Natural friendly” “chemical free” (lol) alternative path that promises treatment while circumventing the cold scientific methods of science-backed modern medicine.

    Look deeper, and you’ll see a woo industrial complex geared to $ell books, merchandise, $peaking tours, treatment regime$, $upplements, programs & retreats, and other products and $ervices to its guillible followers. Almost anyone can be a practitioner these days. No need for certification and accreditation… an extended holiday to exotic places can sometimes qualify as experience in this field.

  22. Hi Rosalie, I am disappointed to read that most of the feedback you have received following Ms Ainscough’s passing has been negative. I strongly believe that if people can publicly claim that they have naturally healed/cured themselves/or others of any serious disease/virus/condition etc, the community at large it well within their rights to question the validity of these claims.

  23. Hi Rosalie, I hope you’re well. It has been a few interesting weeks. Thank you for attending to your blog with all the madness around.

    Here is a little of what Yvette Luciano (good friend of Jess) wrote on her FB.

    “””” First up, we are looking forward to clearing up some inaccuracies and false information about beautiful Jess Ainscough during the coming months.

    Also please note that neither Jess or myself had a relationship with Belle Gibson (beyond an instagram comment or two) so we have no comment on that please. “”””

    It could be another excuse for you to be bombarded by her loyal tribe. I am curious, though, what the most inaccurate and false information was.

    Take care x

    • That woman makes my blood boil.. Jess didn’t hesitate to call Belle her “soul sister”..
      It would be nice if there was a final post from Jess, saying Gerson therapy is a load of crap that didn’t work.. but I don’t think that will happen

      • Maybe I’m assuming, but she seems to be the new spokesperson on this and she has the same effect on me. Pete Evans is her new ward as well. Go figure

    • Well I look forward to that. My guess is that many people think conventional medicine could have cured Jess, which is not the case, even though it was her only chance at extending her life. They are probably referring to that. They sure as hell can’t deny that her cancer spread, worsened, and took her life.

    • Interesting post. Surely the main inaccuracy about Jess was that Gerson helped her at all? And why is it going to take a few months for Yvette to release a statement? Why not just do it now?

      On another note, even if paleo is better than McDonald’s, that doesn’t make it good.

  24. In summary, I see this side of the story as being that conventional medicine would have neither saved Jess’s or necessarily prolonged it.. Gerson didn’t save or prolong either but the big difference is that conventional doctors and medicine didn’t make any claims and would have given Jess the statistics, and what to expect. They were not likely, but definitely upfront and would have given her every support physically and mentally without false hope. Her safety network would have been around her and not in some dodgy clinic in Mexico..Gerson gave her nothing except years of suffering their dark ages regime attached to a juicer and within metres of a bathroom, but the worst they gave her was promises of a cure, false hope and after her death, they shunned her and laid blame at her feet.. This is what I would love to comment to Yvette Luciano but contrary comments are quickly deleted.

    • I think, that cancer surgeon Orac has said if Jess had opted for amputation she would have had a 70% chance of surviving longer.. I can’t help but wonder why after her mum died.. her family didn’t “intervene” and send her off to an oncologist then.. I know a person can’t be forced, but I think if everyone had tried to talk her into it she may have seen sense. And maybe, just maybe she might have had a better chance even back then. I am completely speculating here, and maybe family did try and talk sense into her, we will never know. It just annoys me and saddens me that she didn’t make it. I also blame the ones she surrounded herself with, because I dare say they were never honest with her either.. I won’t name names, but the ones who were on the tour with her, and frequently riding on Jess’ fame. I’m interested to see what her last words were, some honesty would be nice.

      I think if she had opted for amputation even in the early days, she still would have made a name for herself, doing something inspiring for others.. she was clearly just that sort of person.

      • I gathered from Jess’ last blog post that she didn’t start seeing an oncologist again until the very end.. but that is just an assumption.

      • @Rosalie, have you seen this video on youtube?

        Jess really is the poster girl for Gerson here.. and it also explains a lot of the misconception about who talked who into Gerson. Jess’ mum originally found Gerson first and tried to get her mother to do it, who also died from cancer. I also noted from this video that, had she not had such a support system in her family and able to quit working, undertaking the Gerson therapy would have been impossible for her.

    • I think the part that made me the most angry was actually the casual contempt expressed for the Grandmother with end-stage Pancreatic Cancer for “not being able to stick to the Gerson program”. To me, this level of victim-blaming indicates that someone has really been heavily indoctrinated.

  25. Anyone heard this two part interview with Jess Ainscough ? Recorded around Feb 2014 by 3 women two I’ve nver heard of and the third being the nutritionist Cindy someone.. Sorry I forget, anyway her comments were hard to listen to, all of them were actually. It reveals a fair bit about the timeline of her illness and how things panned out with her trademark positivity and hope.

  26. Pingback: Jess Ainscough, Belle Gibson and the New Purity Movement: How Nutritionism and Pseudoscience Overtook the Fundamentalist Focus on Bodily Integrity and Acceptable Femininity | the unwholesome

  27. Thank’s for your article. I believe she did mislead. I believed she cured herself. I found her blog online in 2013 when I was searching for a cure for chronic disease, I was hopeless and scared and when I saw her glowing pictures I believed she cured herself, I swear she claimed so. I bought a very expensive juicer too. I’m sorry for her death but she lied to us.

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