Jessica Ainscough passed away 26th February 2015

This evening, Jessica Ainscough’s partner informed her followers that she passed away on the 26th of February by sending out this notification:


I know many people will have a lot to say about her passing, but please, lets just pause and spare a thought for her family, friends and those who loved her. There will be a time for discussion about Gerson “therapy” and other details, I don’t think it is now.

My thoughts are with those who loved Jess and are hurting right now. 




To all the fans of Jess who have stopped by to share their thoughtful input, love and light,  vitriol and insults, you have now been published in this post. 

225 thoughts on “Jessica Ainscough passed away 26th February 2015

  1. Belle Gibson is taking people on a wild ride. I too believe she may be faking her disease. She is using the money to travel. Her story doesn’t add up.

    • As I posted in a comment on my blog, I believe that if she does have cancer then she is being extremely diligent in covering up the effects of her disease, and in doing so she is making it appear that fantasy-based medicine is healing her. She is incredibly vague about her disease and the treatments she gets, so much so that I think she is either greatly exaggerating her disease, lying about it entirely, or is actually quite sick but it making it seem that she is thriving. Any of the possibilities are bullshit, and she needs to come clean.

      • I didn’t really know about her, after looking through her facebook.. I’m totally agreeing with you Violet.. I don’t know much about cancer, but I have witnessed numerous times people faking seizures.. its not uncommon. And to state that she had seizures for 40 minutes after collapsing in pain, just doesn’t make sense to me..

      • Alice,

        I replied to you on my blog, but yes, it is extremely suspicious. A seizure like that is nothing to mess around with and is an extremely serious thing. Up to 30% of people who have a seizure like that are dead within the month. I would NEVER go on a long trip overseas if I felt that was a reasonable risk to me. Surely a person (with cancer!) who has a seizure like that must be very closely monitored from then on. Ugh, something is not adding up here. Someone is definitely lying about something, though I am not 100% sure what it is.

  2. And so it starts to come out–from her ‘agent’. From

    “Jess’ most recent and unreleased writing in the Soul Medicine theme will be shared in the right time and the right way. This is some of her best work that captures the revelations and wisdom of her final 6 months. A time I feel so blessed to have shared where our conversations about fears, surrender, peaceful death, angels, medical research, oncologists and healers would swing through to updates on her next book and wedding planning for September.”

    • Isn’t a bit soon to be writing articles on how she’s going to keep making money off Jess, cleverly disguised as a “tribute”. These people just don’t stop do they. And they have such an uncanny knack of making everything sound like a fairtytale. Stop sugar coating her death, and tell us the truth

  3. Once again it is clear to me that it is a business. I noticed the line about how many of the community supports conventional and non-conventional treatments. But already she is making money off the woman’s death. Why would you create another book to explain her last 6 months of her life by admitting that she finally succumbed to conventional treatments. It’s like a PR soon move. Why did they so quickly erase her existence offline? And how do we know these people are actually speaking for Jess now that she is gone… Please remember this Yvette Luciano worked for her and on her team so she is on payroll and going to lie and protect the warrior wellness business. It’s a business first folks!!!!!! Yvette is money hungry. I follow her on INSTAGRAM and she desperately sells her books and her soul for that matter….money money money… about the truth….oh they must make money off of a dead woman…..even sadder than Jess just not coming clean in the end. If she was up talking about life lessons the day before she died why didn’t she post something to let her legions of followers knew that she regrets the gerson and the conventional approach is what she took.

  4. Money money money money!!!!! Yvette Luciano!!!! Money hungry money making opportunist. I asked her on Instagram why so soon to put out a book and she blocked me. That’s sad. I don’t beleive that was Jess legacy at all!

    • So Jess’s health advice and pro Gerson therapy healing tosh was free of charge, but her tribe will have to buy the book to find out that she actually changed her mind?
      Surely not.

      • No really, that is what is going on here. People, I can spare you the cost of the book: Jessica Ainscough changed her mind.

  5. Belle Gibson is a fake. She reached out to Jessica and on one of her posts Jessica asked everyone to help her heal. Someone said on her post to come clean and she is not sick. She hasn’t deleted it yet. Clearly someone knows something and I hope she is exposed because that is downright ugly!

    • She’s estranged from her mother because her mum was supposedly in denial that she had cancer.. I hope her mum speaks out

      • Was her mother in denial because her mom knew it was a bunch of b.s.? I mean, really, this is all so strange. What sort of mother would not believe their daughter’s cancer diagnosis? Or let’s say that you were not sure, wouldn’t you just ask to come to an appointment with them? Instead Belle “had to let that relationship go”. I mean, damn. Severing your relationship with your own mother when you are 20 years old and being told that you are dying of brain cancer is so hardcore. Who would do that?

        I really wish that someone who knows Belle, and I mean really KNOWS her would come out tell the world the kind of person she is. I am simply not buying her story. There are too many gaps where there should most definitely be none.

  6. from:

    What were you doing prior to enrolling at Integrative Nutrition?
    “I was a year into Gerson Therapy, an intense two-year, all-natural treatment modality that I used to heal myself from a rare form of cancer. …”

    and this video

    sad to watch, looks like she honestly believed she was healing/healed, and fell hook line & sinker for what this Gerson therapy offered. in the video above she says she never monitors the cancer cells & hasn’t in over 2.5 years at the time of this interview. A massively misguided sense of self confidence, but I get it, you want to live and you’ll go there with your thoughts in believing it.

    you can see her arms in this and how bad it looks, about one year prior to her death:

    I just find this whole thing SO weird-your arm is clearly getting worse, beggars belief what was going on in her mind and that of those closest to her.

      • Cool! I missed that. Nice one our Rosalie!

        This is an excellent example of convergence: the writings of people like yourself and Orac, diligent activists advocating for evidence-based approaches to medical problems, converge with those of mainstream opinion columnists who have a certain amount of influence. Each enhances the other, and makes the woo promoters look like what they are, a noisy but nevertheless dangerous minority.

        Of course, to the minority of irrational thinkers it is probably evidence of a vast conspiracy involving big pharma, big onco, Murdoch and Gates, rather than the consensus of rationality that it is.

      • Awesome Rosalie! Let’s keep fighting this fight and getting people the real healthcare they deserve!

    • Wow, I read the article above the the response from The Whole Pantry. It was on their Facebook page, along with comments from their followers criticising them. TWP said Belle is no longer the director(?) Now I can’t get their Facebook page to come up. Have they taken it down?

  7. Can’t find her Facebook page–do you have the URL?

    I love the way this momentum is building over there in Australia. Nat Kringoudis is another one I’d like to see debunked. She’s truly ignorant. Good job you lot.

  8. Also noticed the above. Twitter is going full steam at the moment. Someone posted

    If it’s true, she’s a repeat offender.

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  10. Belle is a fraud and I have posted this before. She will be exposed very soon I think. And you’re right Violet – you can’t have a seizure for 40 minutes, you probably would die. I have epilepsy as a result of my brain tumour and my seizures never last more than 3-5 minutes. If a seizure lasts more than 5 minutes, it’s very dangerous and you have to go straight to emergency. Belle is a great big fibber in my opinion.

  11. Please keep exposing Belle Gibson!!!!!! She is running and hiding. She needs to be accountable for the lies!!! I truly beleive she is making the whole thing up and making money off of it. She won’t answer what type of cancer other than brain….not what exact type and stage. She is lying. Get her shut down people. I want that girl exposed. How is she traveling around the works with a son and having 40 minute long seizures okay? This is a mess!!!! So grateful to Rosalie!!! Let’s get the truth out there. People have a right to know and so many lives are on the line. I beleive we should demand truth! I am on board.

  12. Okay everyone….Update: I follow Belle Gibson on Instagram.
    @lanadabanana said “Ummm has anyone read the news? All the funds the have been raised haven’t been distributed. But I could be wrong.”

    Belle replied:

    @healing_belle Very wrong. We have, like all start ups, struggled with managing all facets of a new business and have since passed our overdue business records and accounts over to an external team to bring up to date which they are effectively doing at the moment. We were advised by this external team to follow their process sand allow them to finalise the donations once older bsiness keepings were accounted first. The misinformation in this article is that not all of the reported downloads were paid. A small percentage of them had been, considering all the free downloads and promotions we offer in order to make our product and content accessible. The money hasn’t been absorbed by anyone, our books are taking longer to bring up to date and the company hasn’t received expected income which has lead to the cash flow issues and delays all round. These are being resolved externally and as quickly as their team can and cause no effect to anything we have pledged aside from unforeseen delays. Thanks for the contact. – TWP team via Facebook.

    I smell a BIG FAT RAT you guys!!!!! Belle is lying and covering things up. And personally I don’t believe the girl has cancer. Why lie and mislead. Why take all these people’s money…

    By the way, Tallon (Jessica’s fiancé) made a comment also and said: Big Love to you! So he supports this mess. He has been brainwashed as well. Seriously are we the only sane ones?

    I hope she is exposed. I hope the truth is put out there!

  13. Yes, something completely vile and rotten surrounds Belle Gibson and her team. I hope that the theft of charity money spurs some journalists to actually take a REAL look at her cancer story.

    • I contacted Belle last year and asked her about her treatment for her secondary cancers and she ignored my email. I also posted a message on FB, which she deleted. As far as I’m concerned, she is not transparent about her illness and she should be because she has a huge following. She has people following her from across the globe.
      As we know, she has since deleted the post about her secondary cancers so I’m assuming they don’t exist (and I know they don’t bc she is lying!). Primary brain tumours do not spread to spleen, liver, uterus & blood.
      Interestingly, there was no mention of mention of her secondary cancers in her book, released last October.
      So it was as though she never posted that post last June. She is taking all her fans for a ride and I can’t get over how dumb they are….they pay over $3 for the App, they buy her recipe book and they still support her (???) and then there’s this latest news about her dodgy business dealings re charities. Why don’t people get it?

      • I am mystified too.

        People are (justifiably) angry and prepared to stand up for their consumer rights when there’s any hint of being ripped off by a bank, supermarket chain, govt department, ISP, Apple, Microsoft, etc.

        Ditto for ripoffs by sole traders like tradies or other service providers.

        But if you’re a PYT making money out of an app by selling it as an enterprise that donates a portion of profits to good causes, but don’t do the actual donation (and claim as a ‘defence’ that you didn’t know there was any kind of regulation around these things therefore you didn’t comply), the consumers who paid good money on those terms seem quite prepared to go ‘oh well’ or ‘don’t pick on poor TWP’.

        They don’t seem to care about their rights as consumers. I really don’t get it.

  14. Exactly! Why would she delete a post that explained the spreading of her cancers? I truly hope she is exposed. It is clear to me she is lying and trying to cover up something. For what reason? Money? Well that is sad! I think the reason she felt bad about Jessica’s death was because she knew Jessica’s cancer was real. The reason she feels bad is because I beleive she is making here up. I told my friend about her and she said there is no way this girl has brain cancer left untreated for years and having seizures lasting 40 minutes long. I wish belle would come out and say her exact diagnosis. Well o can put my money on her never doing that because I beleive she made up the whole story. Sounds like she comes from a a sketchy place and she is running from something.

  15. Suzie, if you go to her The Whole Pantry App and read the reviews, you will note that most are not complimentary. The few that are could very well be from the inside. I don’t like being cynical but am learning so much from people like Rosalie and Orac.

    I also want to say that I don’t think Jess had the same resolve as Belle and just feel she was as much a victim of those evil deceivers at Gerson as she was a perpetrator but Ms Gibson has sunk lower.

    • I agree Rose T. If it is proved that Belle has lied about her brain tumour, (which is what I supsect), then she is truly despicable. I have brain cancer and it is a hideous disease. I guess I am disappointed that it’s taken so long for people (i.e. the media) to cotton on to Belle and TWP. I’ve been watching her for a long time and have long suspected her claims. It’s been hard for me because I have the disease I guess!

      • Suzie, I can only imagine your frustration. mainly with the disease than with some e-business entrepreneur. I, too have cancer, but of the breast but which can metastasises to the brain and I still get a severe case of scanxiety every time. Best wishes for your health. x

  16. The post where Belle says her cancer is spread is attached to a photo.. most of her updates are attached to photos.. that’s where I saw the nonsense about collapsing in pain and having seizures for 40 minutes.. It was all there yesterday

    • I personally can no longer find those photos on her facebook page. They were definitely all there on March 6 when I wrote my blog post because I used them heavily in writing the article. She is LYING about something and I am determined to get to the bottom of it.

      Oh, and to the next person who decides to come along and play this “I cured my cancer with nonsense” thing and make money off of it, I shall be taking a screen shot of every single thing you put on the internet and I am going to put it on my blog. You are NOT going to get away with this bullshit. I am sick of it.

      • Guys, this is where the full text is still available:

        With frustration and ache in my heart // my beautiful, gamechanging community, it hurts me to find space tonight to let you all know with love and strength that I’ve been diagnosed with a third and forth cancer. One is secondary and the other is primary. I have cancer in my blood, spleen, brain, uterus, and liver. I am hurting. As some of you remember, there was a scare I briefly spoke about here 4 months ago where we found gynecological cancer that I stood up against with strength I wouldn’t of had if it weren’t for each of you. with these, it was only a matter of time before it all fell apart as my body goes through the waves of this process. I wanted to respectfully let you each know, and hand some of the energy over to the greater community, my team and @thewholepantry – through this I am still here reading, listening and learning with and to each of you, but need to respectfully and with great honour hand it over to TWP to carry on our legacies and collective message. I sit and work from a space for each of you, still creating and growing our philosophy of living – work towards releasing our first book and ensure that the legacies of our charity and community work which you ALL helped achieve through downloading The Whole Pantry App is all it needs to be, with whatever ends up being my defining story with you. I’m doing okay, but am feeling very unwell and picked up on this before my return from NYC with confirmation just over a week later. I have the most phenomenal team of integrative and holistic specialist and practitioners and know either way, they’ll give me good conversations to leave with. I’m so grateful for them, my strength over the last five years and for being what seems to feel like the most unfortunate, tested life ever. Please turn to @thewholepantry account in this time of space for our message of The Whole Life, app and book updates and community support and inspiration to continúe on. Please don’t carry my pain. I’ve got this. – See more at:

  17. I worked with a girl who faked a brain tumour. So i have seen this kind of deceit happen before. As ive said to friends, there is something that just doesnt add up with Belle. Travelling to Bali whilst having seizures just seemed crazy. I also never understood why she is buds with the skinny tea girl. I mean the stuff is a fricken laxative and she’s best buds with her???! Seems to go against everything the whole pantry is about. Anyhoo, glad I have stumbled upon your blog – a great read.

  18. I am so glad Auma posted that post that belle deleted!!!!! Thank you Auma!!!! Her cancer sounds like she is just typing something random. Who describes their Cancer that way and then travel all over the world woth seizures. Please put this girl on the radar because something is not adding up.

  19. This is about belle

    Not sure where to put it but the shit is hitting the fan on her fb.

    This person has sent a letter to ASIC the AFP the police the ato and consumer affairs about her

    His name is justice tyme and his email is

    For anyone with information about belle Gibson to write into him

    He’s alleging fraud and fraud relating to her cancer diagnosis

  20. There are investigative journalists onto her now from Fairfax that published the original article about the charity scamming. They are all over the facebook threads, Violet’s blog etc asking for information from people who know her and trying to track down her family members.

    Also mainstream articles starting to question her Cancer now…

    • Hell yes! This is just the start. I for one and not going to stop until this woman is exposed completely. What she has done is simply too dangerous.

      • Kudos to you Violet, and Rose it takes real guts to be the first to voice the questions many were thinking, (not to mention weathering the fallout when the rabid supporters come with their spittle-flecked rants.) Bloody Well Done!

  21. I cannot view the article regarding Belle Gibson, but I would love to read it. I am in the states and I can’t seem to see the article without a subscription. If someone can read it then please paste it here so we can all keep updated. I will post what I can find out. I truly truly truly hope the truth comes out about this girl because If she is lying like many suspect then that is down right despicable!!!!!! She doesn’t deserve to be a public figure based on lies once again pushing an agenda. I noticed she is deleting everything. Why hide? Oh that’s right….you only run from something because you are not being honest….please blow the lid off of that girl! We are on a mission for truth and helping people on this site. Not to keep pushing agendas based on lies and cover ups!!!

  22. “MELBOURNE social media entrepreneur Belle Gibson, whose story of miraculous survival from terminal cancer helped launch a global “health and wellness” business, has admitted that her claim of suffering multiple life-threatening cancers may be false.

    Gibson, who has launched highly successful iPad apps and will next month publish her spin-off book in Britain and the US, says her announcement last year that she was suffering from cancer of the liver, uterus, spleen and blood was based on a “misdiagnosis” by a doctor she won’t name.

    “It’s hard to admit that maybe you were wrong,” she said in an interview, adding that she felt “confused, bordering on humiliated”.

    Gibson stood by her claim that she has used alternative therapies to survive an aggressive malignant brain tumour for five years without any conventional medical treatment. But an investigation by The Australian has uncovered a series of unusual and contradictory medical claims by Gibson dating from May 2009, when she claimed to have undergone multiple heart surgery operations and momentarily died on an operating table.

    Gibson has also stated that in July that same year, when she was 20, a doctor told her she had terminal brain cancer and would be dead in four months. But according to the birth date on her own corporate filings, she was 17 at the time.

    Gibson’s Australian publisher, Lantern, confirmed yesterday that it had never asked for documentary verification of her medical condition or her age before publishing her book The Whole Pantry in October.

    The Australian has asked ­Gibson repeatedly for the name of her treating doctors or documentary evidence of her illness, but she has declined.

    Gibson became a social media sensation after launching an ­Instagram blog in early 2013, introducing herself as a young mother who had moved from Perth to Melbourne in mid-2009 to seek medical treatment for “a malignant, terminal form of brain cancer”.

    In subsequent postings, she ­detailed her shock at being told by a doctor that she had only four months to live, and her decision to abandon chemotherapy and radiotherapy after two months, opting instead to treat her illness with alternative remedies such as colonics and oxygen therapy.

    The blog attracted a worldwide following and led Gibson to design an iPhone and iPad app of her recipes called The Whole Pantry, which was voted the best food and drink app of 2013. By early last year Gibson had 200,000 followers on Instagram and a contract with Lantern, an imprint of Penguin which published The Whole Pantry. She has repeated her cancer survival story in many newspaper and magazines articles, and has been working with Apple on an iWatch app.

    According to Australian Securities & Investments Commission records, Gibson was born in October 1991, which means she could not have been 20 in June 2009. Several former friends confirmed to The Australian that she dropped out of high school in Brisbane about 2008 and moved to Perth for 18 months.

    In early 2009, Gibson began sharing details of her life in Perth on a skateboarders’ online chat forum, describing her hopes of studying marketing and business. In a series of posts in May that year, the “Belle Gibson” of the chat forum announced she was in hospital undergoing multiple operations to remove fluid from around her heart. In one post she reported: “I just woke up out of a coma type thing, and had no idea what was going on … The doctor comes in and tells me the draining failed and I went into cardiac arrest and died for just under three minutes.”

    Later she added that she was undergoing tests for a “possible heart tumor” and was having her hair cut for chemotherapy.

    Two months later, having moved to Melbourne, Gibson posted a message on Facebook that she was consulting cancer specialists after being diagnosed with a “stage two malignant tumor of the brain”. Brain tumours are measured in grades rather than stages, and several cancer specialists contacted by The Australian said that a grade two tumour was relatively slow-growing and would be unlikely to result in a life ­expectancy of four months.

    Most of Gibson’s social media postings for the years 2010-12 are no longer available, but since launching her blog and app in 2013, she has kept up a steady flow of reports about her seizures, brain swelling and other health crises.

    Last March she announced that she was being tested for two “neurological” cancers.

    Then in late July she elicited an outpouring of sympathy from her Instagram followers when she reported that she had been diagnosed with several additional cancers.

    “With frustration and ache in my heart … it hurts me to find space tonight to let you all know with love and strength that I’ve been ­diagnosed with a third and forth (sic) cancer,” she wrote.

    “One is secondary and the other is primary. I have cancer in my blood, spleen, brain, uterus, and liver. I am hurting.” Later in the post she spoke of handing over the business to others to carry on her legacy.

    In an interview with The Australian, Gibson said she now ­believes she was misdiagnosed by a medical team using “magnetic” therapy from Germany. Asked to name the leader of the team she declined and indicated she was not certain whether he was a medical doctor.

    Gibson became visibly upset during the interview, crying several times and saying she felt her doctor had led her astray.

    She said she was now seeking treatment from a conventional medical team but again declined to name them. “I’m still going through understanding what’s happening with my body,” she said.

    Gibson later complained about The Australian’s attempts to contact former friends and stopped ­returning the newspaper’s calls. The Australian also contacted her partner, Clive Rothwell, who said Gibson was upset by media reports about her.

    Gibson has said that her business donates to 20 charities and that most of its revenue goes “straight back into the community and world wide, rotating charities and extended TWP (The Whole Pantry) projects”.

    Lantern publishing director Julie Gibbs said the company would question Gibson about the issues raised by The Australian but added: “We published Belle’s ­recipe book in good faith — in discussions with Belle in the course of publishing the book, she always spoke clearly about her medical background. It was not something we felt we needed to verify given that the book’s content focuses on the recipes.””

  23. JaneD you rock!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you for posting the article! We were right!!! You know she was lying!!!! How do you get misdiagnosed with all those types of cancers!!!! Seriously?!?!!! Cancer is not something any medical professional takes lightly and she is saying oh wait I was misdiagnosed and they led her astray….seriously?!?! What about the 49 minute seizure she so cleverly deleted?!?! That was made up too? Come on!!! Let’s keep this girl exposed!!! That burns me. How can you lie about something so serious?!?!?! People die everyday and are doing everything they can to live their life with something as horrific as cancer and she is over here playing games for money! I want her exposed! I am a crusader for helping people and the truth should be out there!!!!

  24. Hi Rosalie – any chance you could delete my copy/paste of the article from The Australian (and subsequent posts relating to it), and just leave the copy/paste from JaneD? It would be so much neater, and I wouldn’t have any objections to my posts being deleted – in fact being a neatness freak, quite the opposite!

  25. Rachel I am truly sorry as I didn’t see your post. I sincerely apologize. I would have never not acknowledged the post. I saw janeD first. So please forgive me. I don’t mean to sound all excited. Please understand 1. I can only get on from my phone 2. Tons of typos and excited comments because I did purchase her app and have showed her support on her Instagram page and it’s frustrating to me.
    I will slow down with my comments and exclamations. Again I didn’t mean to offend you and I truly acknowledge that didn’t see your post. Thank you for checking me 🙂 I am a good sort. I am in the states and my time is totally different than most so just bare with me.

  26. I am glad that the author of that last article posted showed a direct quote from her that has since been removed. She said she never claims to have led propel away from conventional treatments but her exact quote …. “I gave up on conventional treatment when it was making my cancer more aggressive and started treating myself naturally. I have countless times helped others do the same, along with leading them down natural therapy for everything from fertility, depression, bone damage and other types of cancer.”
    There truly needs to be accountability for her. What makes this case even worse is that she truly may be faking the entire illness altogether. I must agree with Rachel that she definitely has a mental issue.

  27. Violet….sorry if it is mentioned here and I didn’t get it, can you please tell me what your blog is? I saw the whole pantry Facebook page and they are not believing her excuses about this. So I am hoping more people will see the light regarding Belle Gibson.

    • I also wonder what poor Jess would have made of this huge, twisted liar conning people out of money and pretending she was terminally ill when Jess herself was dying of cancer. I think Jess made many errors but her story pales in comparison to this. I will be so angry if Belle’s ‘supporters’ continue to defend her. It is sick and twisted. If she really was misdiagnosed (which is blatantly BULLSHIT given all her numerous other ‘health problems’) then surely she must have known for a good while that she wasn’t terminally ill but did nothing to correct it. There was an article in September where a newspaper suggested that she had kidney cancer. TWP suggested on Facebook that the newspaper confused kidneys with liver but I suspect now that this idiot had forgotten which organs she had lied about and told them the wrong thing. Words cannot describe what I think of her. I feel deeply sorry for her poor little boy. He has no chance with a weirdo like that bringing him up. Aaaagh, OK, rant over now!!!

      • We are not going to let her get away with this. I do not care how much she cries, this is too important to just drop. I think we have a nice little community here and I am really proud of us for demanding the truth. The next person who does this (and there will be more) is not going to get off easy. I will be publicly questioning them and demanding explanations. And I am sure as shit going to be taking a screenshot of every bit of nonsense they put online. No one will get away with deleting stuff like Jessica and Belle did. I will make damn sure it stays out there forever.

  28. Voilet, I commend you for doing the right thing. This is a great community of people who want truth and justice and not afraid to call people out on their non-sense. It’s amazing how quickly they delete comments as if it never happened. Not sure why they are hiding. You are right…doesn’t matter how much Belle cries, she needs to be accountable for duping charities, making money off of innocent people, and potentially lying about her illness altogether. She is digging her own self deeper and deeper.

  29. Just read violets site. Whew. I love how calm you we with the answers. You truly stick to the facts. I have a tendency to get wound up, but I love how calm you are about some of the comments. There are conplete contradictions with Belle Gibson. All the journalists have to do is compile all of the interviews she did and it is a complete mess. From the beginning to the end. I am truly convinced that she has lied about it all. I personally beleive she is attention seeking and has been doing that pretty much her entire life.

  30. You guys, her Instagram page is blowing up of her loyal followers who are demanding she makes a statement about her Cancer and her company and those shady donations. I think her followers are starting to really wake up and demand answers. Because she hasn’t said anything, it really looks bad, and even makes her look more guilty. If people said I didn’t have cancer and I know that I do and have been “healed” and cured then I would be screaming that off the rooftops and showing all of my scans and test results so that I could truly help others. Most people would. But her story has changed about 100 times. I truly can’t beleive it. I am so glad you all are on this. It’s making such a difference. One thing my mom told me about the truth…is that the truth never changes. I can’t wait to see what her response will be if she ever releases one. Let’s not let up and see this thing to the end.

      • About the scans and test results – this is something people, who are not trained in critical thinking or scientific method (and a lot of new cancer patients aren’t and won’t be), don’t understand when just diagnosed, when they are desperate, vulnerable and grasping for straws. They don’t realise testimonials are not valid even in those rare cases when the cancer entrepreneur/woo fan can actually show his/her records (usually they don’t even try or know that the so called proof would be torn to shreads).

  31. G… I have sent screenshots to Rosalie’s email. Rosalie sorry about that. I am doing all this from my phone and can’t post screenshots but I can send them to anyone’s email at anytime. Rosalie if you can please post the screenshots I just sent you. You can see that her followers are demanding answers from her. I hope this helps. I won’t post any comments on her IG page because they will block my comments or try and delete them. I don’t want that and I want to see what is going on so I don’t comment on her IG page, but I have been watching it though, and folks are not appreciating her not commenting.

  32. Violet I just sent them to you. I sent screenshots from my IPhone of her IG page showing her followers are demanding answers. If there is anything else that will help I will gladly send them to you 🙂

  33. If it’s one thing Australians hate, its thieving off charities! I doubt violet is going to cop much flack about her blog, no one wants to support a charity thief. Well done violet for putting it out there, I never would have had the courage to do it even though I was about 90% sure most of it was bullshit its an awful feeling to question a cancer claim!

    What a silly silly woman. I hope this goes further and she is prosecuted. I also hope her mental health issues are addressed asap.

  34. I hope Belle Gibson speaks out about this and not cower down. Her actions reminds me of a kid who got caught and is hiding and doesn’t want to face the truth. I don’t care how sad she is. Imagine all the souls who walked her walk as a public figure who are not here anymore listening to her advice. She needs to be held accountable for lying and misleading people. I am convinced that she is lying. I truly hope she is exposed. Fully exposed.

  35. Harlow…..not even a peep from her. But folks are about 50/50. Her “tribe” stand by her side and even vow to support her if she has mental issues. The others are upset and have been demanding a statement from her. The article that went out today by Beau and Nic shed a lot of light on her lies. Even some her friends have confronted her and they could never get a straight answer. Funny thing is some people have been posting and some of their comments keep getting deleted. People have made reference to that. But no word at all from Belle. I hope she does the right thing and confess to the lies. She is in pretty deep. Apple just released their Iwatch and her app was supposed to be on it. Not sure if they are even moving forward with her stuff. I haven’t confirmed anything though. But her publishing company wants answers too. It’s a mess. That girl needs a full out statement.

    • Ceejay, sorry but what’s the article by ‘Beau and Nick’? I don’t understand. Who are they?
      I feel for her little boy in all this.

      • Oh my apologies Ceejay- I just googled their names + belle Gibson.
        Ok the journos that have been covering this case..

  36. The whole situation is very ironic – Jess Ainscough had cancer that progressed and she was dying, but she tried to conceal that from her followers; whereas Belle Gibson publicised that her cancer had progressed; and it now appears that she never even had cancer. Curiouser and curiouser ….the plot thickens.

    I have been following this post for months now. I have a chronic health problem (not cancer) but I was lent Jess’s book by a health provider who told me how Jess had cured herself. I read the book and then decided to google Jess, and I found out the concerns about her from your site Rosalie, and also Orac and the Depleted Cranium site. In my search for good health, I have been scammed a couple of times, and it is cruel how the vultures prey on the weak, because we all desperately clutch at straws to get well. Whilst I feel sorry for Jess having her cancer (especially so young), I would have thought that she, more than most, should have known the importance of coming out with the truth when she realised that the treatment had not worked for her firstly her mother, and then her. She may possibly have still been delusionally influenced by the sycophantic leeching enablers all around her, but whichever way you look at it, (or ‘spin’ it), it cannot be denied that she deliberately hid her worsening arm and the truth about her deteriorating health from her “tribe”.

    As for Belle – if it is all a house of smoke and mirrors (as it certainly appears to be) – well she is downright evil. She needs to be held accountable and made an example of.

    Rosalie, Violet, and Depleted Cranium and Orac – I believe your exposure of these scams will save lives. Well done and thank you.

  37. Hi everyone
    This is a bit off topic but wondering what people’s thoughts are on this –
    I remember reading on one of Jess’ blogs that gerson does not ‘heal’ everyone and sure enough on their website there’s a list of illness’s/cancers they say can’t be helped by gerson. I find this a bit confusing.. If it’s all a scam like We all think why don’t they say they can help everyone
    Thoughts ?

    • I think when the regimen was originally devised, it was claimed it could cure everyone, or nearly everyone. My guess is that over time, the Gerson people have been forced to admit that it doesn’t work in certain conditions. Brain metastases and pancreatic cancer tend to be fatal very quickly, so it would be obvious that Gerson didn’t work. In other cases, cancer grows much more slowly, so it might look like Gerson worked – that’s what happened with Jess, her cancer grew so slowly she was able to pretend that Gerson was working.

  38. Pingback: Here We Go Again. Credulous Media Enabling Another Cancer Disaster. | The View From The Hills

  39. Something made me think of Jess last night and I realised it’s been three years since her death! Wow time has flown .. hope your doing ok Rosalie! I wonder whatever happened to all this semi-finished work of jess’ that that god-awful manager of hers was keen to keep making money off!? Also there was hints of her bf talon continuing on the wellness warrior name… I also heard rumours that he was very angry about the whole situation and jess Being swept up in this whole alt medicine fiasco .. not sure if there’s any truth in this but explains why they aren’t still trying to profit off her name. I find it very sad that her whole online existence was basically deleted and can’t help but assume it was what Jess wanted.. maybe in her final days she finally realised how damaging some of her “work” was. It also crossed my mind that Jess and her mother may still have been alive today if they had chosen different options and that makes me really sad. I feel for her father the most

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