Jessica Ainscough passed away 26th February 2015

This evening, Jessica Ainscough’s partner informed her followers that she passed away on the 26th of February by sending out this notification:


I know many people will have a lot to say about her passing, but please, lets just pause and spare a thought for her family, friends and those who loved her. There will be a time for discussion about Gerson “therapy” and other details, I don’t think it is now.

My thoughts are with those who loved Jess and are hurting right now. 




To all the fans of Jess who have stopped by to share their thoughtful input, love and light,  vitriol and insults, you have now been published in this post. 

225 thoughts on “Jessica Ainscough passed away 26th February 2015

  1. The fact that it was no surprise that she finally succumb to her cancer doesn’t diminish the tragedy of this whole terrible saga. Jess’s situation has been horrendous on so many levels. Let’s just hope that people will learn from it.

  2. Hey everyone,

    Jessica’s page redirects to an animal rescue charity. I’m personally going to make a modest donation. I know everyone’s situation is different but for those who can, please do the same. It seems that her loved ones want her to be remembered as animal lover first and foremost.

  3. Any preventable death is sad. And thank you for your thoughtful and compassionate post for those who loved her and will miss her.

    For the announcement to say she ‘thrived’ with her cancer to me does say they are continuing to mislead and have not learnt, yet, from her dying.

    I think she ‘thrived’ initially because she dropped some unhealthy stuff she was doing before she got sick (all night partying and the like).

    As her cancer was a slow growing one for a little while her background health was better and she felt good as she ate lots of veggies in her diet and stopped drinking.

    (If only she hadn’t done the the whole coffee up the bum and not being allowed to swim in the sea stuff, she might even have enjoyed herself more in that time, but that was her choice. And if it meant she felt in control, so be it.)

    But of course that’s just background health and has zero impact on the fact she had a slow growing cancer that has progressed exactly as predicted from her pathology.

    What her approach has done has:

    1. Meant that the first few years of her dying she •felt• well (even though her underlying disease was still there and still progressing).

    2. Given her a business opportunity which she did very well at so she has been very comfortable financially as she has been dying (this of course may have contributed to her •feeling• good during the first few years that she was dying. It must be quite nice to realise you’re on a financial winner.)

    3. Encouraged others to do the same thing which means that there may well be a whole load of preventable deaths in part due to her choices, behaviour and actions.

    ie She got cancer. For a while living a healthier lifestyle meant she felt better as she was dying. Maybe at first she genuinely believed it and became a victim herself of the scammers. From that she has made a comfortable living out of peddling crap, and encouraging others to make some bad choices too.

    ‘Healthy living’ – not drinking and doing too many drugs and eating a balanced healthy diet is to be recommended.

    But saying it can cure cancer and with it you can reject conventional treatment– that is a pyramid scheme that ends in preventable deaths.

  4. Geez Rachel, have some compassion at this time. Did you not read Rosalie’s post above saying kindly and rightly that this is not the time to be discussing the path she chose etc.? If you have a heart, please try to show it at this time. As Rosalie also said, there will time later to discuss all of that. Your thoughts may be relevant in some capacity, at least to you and those in agreement with your opinion. But learn some compassion for a young woman and for the many people who loved her in the meantime. A beautiful young woman has just died. If you can’t feel any compassion or sadness, then please at least try to hold your opinions until a little more time has passed. I respect how strong your opinions may be, concerning the welfare of others, but please at least let the dust settle. This is no time for cruelty.

  5. This was such a kick in the gut and made me realise how in some way, I actually wanted her to prove us all wrong… I feel so devastated for her father, in particular.
    RIP Jess

    • Me too, on both counts, Alice. I wish she could have proved everyone wrong. She sure tried her best to honour the path she felt guided to follow, though, one that she obviously, genuinely believed in – despite it turning out to not be the solution/cure. And yes, my heart aches for her dear father – first his wife and now his only child. How does one move forward from such a place? My prayers are with him, especially.

  6. Sounds about right ( and typical for you)…..”Let’s wait a little” before we totally judge & denagrade her character for being autonomous with her body. YOU did whatever YOU decided for yourself regarding what medical option you wanted. If no one is criticizing YOU, why must you continue with your opinion (that doesn’t mean a darn thing) about what Jess did. Leave her in PEACE!!!!!

    • Janny – the problem was that Jess didn’t simply make a decision that was right for HER. She dragged many vulnerable people along for the ride by letting them believe that the choices that she made had cured her cancer. That is a very bad thing.

      Her death has filled me with a rage that has surprised me. Why rage? Because the death of this beautiful and intelligent young woman at such a young age was almost certainly preventable.

    • I am not publicly touting my health choices, nor am I touting nonsense as a cancer cure and making a handsome living off the idea.
      This is not about personal health choices, it is about (false) public claims and profiting from them.

  7. I do very much feel for her family and her loved ones left behind. I think she was a sincere and nice person, although deluded. But I feel even more concerned about the people who are still living with cancer who followed Jess’s lead, particularly with the crackpot enemas and juicing. For some of those people, there is still hope if they get themselves under the care of an oncologist and accept evidence-based care. For many there is no luxury of waiting a bit to deal with the lessons of this story – and what is “cruel” is telling those people, or telling people who would try to help them, to pipe down because it is unseemly to talk about how and why Jess died.

    Not yet, they say. Next week? Next month? Next year? While someone’s chances of survival ebb away with every day of “juicing” and the other useless and masochistic things Gerson prescribes, in lieu of actual treatment for cancer? When will it be okay to talk about it? How many more are supposed to die first?

  8. I was very shocked to receive an email stating that Jess had passed away. I had no idea she was still unwell, but I haven’t followed her blogs for some time now.
    I just read your article from Feb 2014, a year prior and you were so honest in trying to save her..
    I, like many people found Jess to be very inspiring & after watching both my mum & dad lose their battles with cancer, I’ve always tried to ensure I don’t follow in their footsteps. I jumped on the “anti-chemo / modern medicine bandwagon”, but I will certainly keep a more opened mind for the future.
    Thank you for being so honest in your writings. RIP Jess.

  9. What a wonderfully brave person.
    I feel sure that she will be united with her mother in paradise.
    They both deserve the Darwin award.

  10. I posted this on depleted cranium, and I am posting it here as well. I want people to know the truth. I understand that it is tragic, but that doesn’t mean the truth shouldn’t be exposed and people’s eyes should remain closed.
    ROSE ROSE ROSE!!!!!!!!!! All I have to say is THANK YOU!!! You are the real hero and I mean that in every sense of the word. I followed Jessica for a long long time and I followed all of her advice hoping for prevention. I will say that any healthy living is good for the body, but it is not the end all be all!!! I mean I was doing all the Gerson things short of the coffee enemas hoping for prevention. I loved going to her site and checking out her Foodie Friday. I was truly a wellness warrior right along with her, but one thing disturbed me…..I never saw pictures of that arm and saw that she was always hiding it in her pictures and videos. It wasn’t until I read on your site and saw the slow progression of the pics of her arm getting worse and worse over the years and her lying to her followers saying it was lymphedema and stress of traveling and losing her mother. I know plenty of people that have lost their parents and don’t have cancer. All I know is Rose opened my eyes to the light. I had been saving up to go to the Gerson clinic for years…following in the steps of Jessica “just in case” me or my loved ones got diagnosed with something terminal. I think it was more paranoia. I was prepared and saw alternative treatment as the ONLY option that made sense. But now after this death….which is truly sad, I am convinced that you should consult a medical professional as well as take care of yourself the best way you can. She was not being forthcoming about her condition and completely omitted a lot. It isn’t fair to mislead people ‘fully knowing’ that something was going on with her. When I found out she died on Instagram, I immediately asked the question “how did she die, because surely it wasn’t cancer, because she was cured”.. I am sure many people felt the same way. We believed in the cures of Gerson based on Jessica’s information and testimonies. Its not fair to mislead people. I am not trying to blame her now that she is gone, but I think the leaders ROSE and Depleted Cranium should be heard. People should not dismiss them. They have not been rude and disrespectful…they just want accountability and so do I!!!!!! I want those to understand that it did not cure her and ultimately she died from the cancer. We should speak up and truly inform the masses. I am on board and I am sorry people are so brainwashed not to see this as an eye-opening experience. They should never just limit themselves to natural alternative undocumented treatment, but truly consult a medical professional and get tons of second opinions before making an education decision. THANK YOU ROSE!!!!! If anyone has anything to say against what she has to say, well you will hear it from me. Don’t be fooled. I once was, but not anymore.

    • Yes thank you Rose for exposing her lies and scam you should see the cover up on the daily mail unfortunatley the idiot that wrote the article about her death is also deluded or hasn’t done her research

  11. I was too. Rose’s blog was a huge turning point for me, as was reading comments from Pip at the Grace Gawler foundation, especially his comment about the 40,000 people he and Grace have seen. Out of these 40,000 + they have seen NO cures (zero) from alternative medicine.

  12. I know that Jessica wanted to help people, and I think that in the end that WILL be her legacy. I see that several former followers of Jessica are waking up and at least considering that the message she sent out might not be entirely correct.

    And to everyone: the woman who runs this blog is named Rosalie. I used to post here under my name (Rose), but there was a Rosalie, a Rose T, and I think one more Rose who posted here, so I picked a different flower (Violet) and just posted under that name because it seemed there was potential for some confusion. I still post under Rose on other blogs, which is where I think the confusion arose. Rosalie generally agrees with everything I have to say though, so I doubt it will cause any issues 😉

    Rosalie is a freaking hero though and she deserves a lot of praise for her hard work in countering all the lies that the Gerson people and Jessica promoted.

    I went back and forth on both this blog and others wavering from feeling deeply sorry for Jessica to having nothing but rage towards her. But in the end my feelings have settled on pity. This was a woman with her whole life ahead of her who just really, really wanted to live. I wonder if, when she was 22 and confused and angry and desperate, if a blog like this existed that countered the Gerson lies, if Jessica would have chosen a different path. She chose Gerson because the Gerson jerks are very good at spreading their message and part of their message is that real doctors are lying to you, so of course any warning from medical professionals about Gerson is met with skepticism. But maybe some critique from just another lay person who goes through testimonials and anecdotes and points out where they are wrong would have some value. I hope this blog will continue. It’s message is still very important and there is still lots of work to do. I will keep coming here and posting and supporting it.

    I have some hope that someday (when they are done grieving) that her friends and family will come out and say that she had been lied to and that Gerson therapy is a sham. I have some hope because they asked that donations be made to an animal rescue group and not some alternative medicine place. It seemed clear to me that they were sending the message that THEY at least knew, loved and respected Jessica as a person who had compassion and love for animals.

    • Thanks for the kind words Violet / Rose. The blog will continue (where time away from work & study allows). It was never intended to be all about Jess / Gerson, even though it kinda looks that way so far. My interests encompass any and all health related nonsense so I will turn my attention to other related topics down the track.

      Take care,

  13. Its like they are deleting her existence. You can no longer navigate on the webpage…only the front cover and donating to her animal causes. Its like they are treating her whole death like a business. OH no we have to protect the Brand Jessica, instead of letting people see the real Jessica. All her Youtube videos are coming down. I mean seriously. Why not let everyone see that she was HUMAN and that the GERSON therapy is one that does not work. Its like they are trying to hide the truth. I am now reading on some of her friends links to IG that she was doing conventional as well, but it was just too late. On one of her videos she said you have to do the Gerson, to a T, or else it won’t work. And if you do it to a T and you fail, then you weren’t thinking positive enough. Why put people through that. Thats just all not true. The Gerson including Charlotte Gerson are a bunch of scammers making a whole lot of money working on people’s guilt. Jessica knew this towards the end (last 2 years or so) but never spoke out about it. The whole thing is a mess. I just hope the truth comes out. People’s lives are at stake.


  14. I think that it is just too painful for them right now to leave the internet stuff up, for a number of reasons. They saw that everything she did was in vain, that she was tricked and lied to, and that she will get a lot of negative posts on her pages, which likely no one on her “team” has the emotional energy to deal with right now. The message was clear to me when they asked that donations be made to the animal rescue that they will not continue with Jessica’s work.

    I think that Jessica Ainscough Inc is well and truly done at this point. Regardless of what Tallon and the rest choose to do with Jessica’s legacy, nothing should stop us from having a straight-forward and clear dialog about how quackery is useless. I do not want to us to use words like “dumbass” and “Darwin award winner” as I find those words to put off people who might otherwise take the message to heart. Also, Jessica was not stupid; she was desperate to live, and I do not blame her for that, not one bit.

    • I once left a comment on one of her blogs – once the progression of her illness was becoming obvious – that her finest legacy would be to publicly renounce her faith in Gerson, that with the following she had, that action would be far more likely to save lives. The bravest thing she could have done was roll up that sleeve and reveal the true consequence of essentially trying to wish away tumours.

      • Part of me has this fantasy that she’ll release a final manifesto doing just that. Imagine if her final act had actually been to organise for her internet presence to be erased because she had got it so very wrong.

      • I have hope that happens too @janeD, that there might be a final blogpost. But I won’t hold my breath

  15. “I have some hope that someday (when they are done grieving) that her friends and family will come out and say that she had been lied to and that Gerson therapy is a sham. I have some hope because they asked that donations be made to an animal rescue group and not some alternative medicine place.”

    I suppose her loved ones do not want to deal with people posting negative comments on her blog or her facebook page. And that is understandable. But I suspect it is also a consideration that the business is now very vulnerable to furious customers demanding their money back, and/or threatening legal action. I hate to be cynical, but no, they aren’t going to come out and Jess was lied to and Gerson is a sham, because the obvious question arises, she had to know some time ago that it was a sham, yet she continued to peddle it. Again, I guess it’s cynical but Jess made HUGE piles of money, and presumably now her father and her fiancé will inherit it. They’re not idiots, they have interests to protect. I am sure they lawyered up some time ago and no, we aren’t going to hear them making public statements that the business they profited from was a sham.

    • Wow….you are a very talented mind reader. It amazing how many assumptions you made in your post about what these people are thinking and potentially doing.

      • Well, when an enterprise, which for years consistently strove to attract as much publicity, fame, followers and fortune as possible, suddenly goes totally silent, suspicion will be attracted.
        If those responsible for, and benefiting from, the enterprise, don’t speak publicly or answer legitimate questions, then people will endeavour to draw their own conclusions.
        Here, a logical conclusion has been drawn that those who benefit from The Wellness Warrior Inc’s success, once the period of grieving is over, might fear that claims will be forthcoming from people who made it such a profitable business and now feel that they were duped.

  16. The general consensus between jess’ supporters on various blogs seems to be that they think her critics are attacking her personal choices. I find this so infuriating. They don’t seem to be capable of understanding that most of us are outraged at her PROMOTION and PROFITING off of her personal choices and influencing vulnerable people.

    I have hope with her tragic passing that it’s now going to come out in the mainstream media what a sham this all was. People are already asking questions

    • Yeah I’ve noticed that too and it’s very frustrating. The other annoying thing is people saying things like ‘at least she had 7 years of good health with gerson, with chemo she would have been worse off’. This is ignoring the fact that being variously tethered to an enema bucket, unable to eat her favourite foods, unable to swim while living so close to the beach, and bedridden with fungating wounds etc is not thriving!!

      • Swimming is so, so healthful and restorative. While I wouldn’t go so far as to say it might have helped her survive longer, it couldn’t have done any worse than Gerson did in prolonging her life (namely not at all), and it would have been WAY more enjoyable than the choke down more green slime/ dash to the bathroom routine she endured instead of going for a nice relaxing swim.

    • That is precisely the attitude that is being rained down on this blog at the moment Alice. They miss the point entirely. I will be publishing all the comments received here since her passing in one blog post when I get time.

      • I’ve always wondered how cults can exist and now I’ve seen it first hand. There won’t be any persuading the disciples unfortunately..

  17. Thank you and Orac for what you both publish.
    While I have respect and a degree of awe for the rigorous dietary efforts undertaken by people like the Wellness Warrior , I have an enormous rage towards the promotional steps they take against conventional medicine. I see no reason at all why ‘alternative’ therapies with conventional treatments cannot go hand in hand, I do not see why it has to be either or. Personally, I doubt I will ever put a hose filled with coffee up my ass but I can see the benefits of eating more vegetables.
    I lost a close friend a couple of years ago , who eschewed conventional medicine at a later stage of his illness in favour of acupressure and a variety of teas. While cancer was not the disease in question, and his condition was chronic, his choice shortened his life considerably, and placed him in considerable pain. The more I read about his condition and various options he could have chosen were he not so strongly influenced by woo practitioners, the angrier I have become. While I recognise hindsight is a dangerous tool, the anger has made me more informed about a lot of things relating to health.
    I am astonished that , probably due to the fact that the women espousing these ‘ treatments’ are pretty and shiny, the media doesn’t call them out more, or that legally they are made to stop. I am sure that there are several of Jess’ s followers who are dead as a result, of her wittering, and I think that Belle Gibson will probably take a few with her when she sadly succumbs to her condition.
    I think what those who post in anger to you forget, is that by actively and dishonestly portraying these cancer-thriving lifestyles, they are hurting others who may be a little bit gullible and a lot frightened, who are maybe not so rational, and who see these media geniuses, as shining stars who offer them a salvation, false as it is. And that, is what you are speaking against, and more people should be speaking against.
    Vale, Jess and thank you again

  18. Rosalie, I tweeted to the Gerson Institute that their silence was deafening and being such a strong advocate for Gerson, Jess deserves better. This is their reply:

    “””We were very sad to hear of Jess’s passing. She discontinued GT 3 years ago, but we were still big fans of hers.”””

    So, reading between the lines, she stopped GT beyond the required 2 years and that still isn’t good enough for them. She obviously didn’t do something right…. ‘Still big fan of hers’ – how dare they! So very angry.

    • Yup she mucked up. She did Gerson wrong. That is their message. I knew this was coming. Hey, I posted the following over on Depleted Cranium’s blog but I am going to post here too because I think it is just too important not to:

      Oh, and since I know this is bound to come up, I want to clear something up about Gerson. Here I go; I am about to throw you Gersonites a really, big, juicy, non-vegan bone. If I were to accept that Gerson therapy works the way that you people claim it works, then I must also accept that it must be followed to the T, without any deviation whatsoever for two years straight, day in and day out. Everyone always says that the reason is does not work very well is due to user error. Well, okay then, even if all that is true then all that means is THAT IT DOES NOT FREAKING WORK. If it is impossible for a human being to follow with total compliance THEN IT DOES NOT WORK. If just small deviations makes it ineffective THEN IT DOES NOT WORK. If one missed enema makes it ineffective THEN IT DOES NOT WORK. If one non-organic orange makes it ineffective THEN IT DOES NOT WORK.

      If a human being in their imperfect form cannot follow the protocol (and apparently none can), then it does not work. It does not matter if it works in theory, if it cannot be carried out in practice THEN IT DOES NOT WORK.

      And up yours Gerson people and rest in peace Jessica. You did not do Gerson “wrong”. You did everything the Gerson people asked of you and then some. You were their poster child until you died and it was all your fault according to them. Seriously though Gerson people, f*ck you. F*ck you so hard.

    • Yeh that’s extremely frustrating. I am particularly annoyed about that comment since it must be like a slap in the face to Jess’ fiance and dad. Gerson is only supposed to be for 2 years, not forever, and Jess followed it to the letter.

    • On the bright side, I guess this makes the Gerson regimen even less attractive. Next time someone tells you they are thinking of doing it, you can say ‘Ok, that’s great, but just so you know, you actually have to stick to it forever, otherwise the cancer will come back and it will be all your fault’.

  19. Disgusting comments from the Gerson Institute. I’m a member of a breast cancer social media group and someone recently wrote something about Gerson, and how she believes it has saved people. Who are these people? Jess? Jess’ Mum? People saved by Gerson don’t exist. As for the coffee enemas and calf liver injections – give me chemotherapy any day. The sooner the mainstream media expose Gerson and other scams the better.

  20. Wow! That is sad…even in her death they couldn’t acknowledge Her without a backhand slap…she discontinued the quackery of 5 times daily enemas and juices every hour on the hour…I can only imagine how cruel they were to her and probably forcefully reminded her that if she quit the program she would digress….the gersons are a bunch of moneymakers…they run a business. And that comment was clear to me. Rosalie they will never take responsibility for their lies and manipulation. I wonder how her dad and fiancé feel about them now. Her friend on her page says she wants it to be clear that Jessica thrived 6 of the 7 years. They are dead set on protecting the business. It’s all just tragic.

    • They are defensive at the moment and that makes sense to me. We can all be a little emotionally-detached in all this but they can’t. I strongly suspect that someone close to Jessica will come out a year from now and talk about how much Jessica was mislead by the Gerson people.

      And, correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t Gerson only supposed to be for two years? I mean, that was what Jessica said. Am I imagining this? Jessica did Gerson as they told her to. I am sure of that at least. Oh well, I knew that Gerson would blame the patient. Yes, those kind, caring holistic angels are blaming the patient. Isn’t it great that they are nothing like the mean doctors in the pockets of big pharm?

      • I’m not trying to defend the gersons but I took that as meaning, she currently wasn’t doing the therapy which I guess is fair enough to say. They could have elaborated a bit more though. Also just to clarify I think she did gt for 2.5 years in the end. Whatever the case, she was definitely obsessed about what she ate, while she was supposedly ‘thriving’ for 7 years.
        Another couple of points I would like to make are – why is no one suing these people? Or is that why they do their quackery in Mexico, it protects them? – and secondly, has anyone else got the feeling that perhaps they make their disciples sign legal documents which prevents them from speaking out about it not working?

      • Alice,

        I do not know what the law in Australia is, but in the United States, so long as no one is deemed to be “practicing medicine”, then courts have ruled that adults are entitled to seek out alternative therapies, which makes most of these quacks essentially immune from suit. The Gerson people are definitely afraid of being classified as “practicing medicine” which is why they keep their clinics in Mexico and Hungary (which to me is a huge red flag). I am sure that they make the patients sign a waiver saying that they are just on some sort of “nutritional support retreat” or something.

        I must confess that I am a lawyer (though my current field of oil and gas has nothing to do with this). But the lawyer in me does not see lawsuits as a good solution to any of this. I think it will simply reinforce the Gerson people as being rogue revolutionaries up against a system that suppresses them from getting the “truth” to the masses. I see any sort of litigation as gaining sympathy for the Gerson scam. What we need is people like us spreading the truth about Gerson and other forms of quackery. We need more places for people to tell their story of using Gerson and being worse off. The Gerson scam festers so easily because most of the people they screw over are dead. So I encourage any family member to come out and tell the world what happened to your loved one when doing Gerson.

    • In one of Jess Ainscough’s last posts on 1st January, she sounded like a caged animal beginning to enjoy some freedom. Though there seems nothing redeeming about the way she died, never once publicly admitting that the Gerson treatment was a fraud and that her followers should beware of it.

      I wonder if she promoted her book in the deceptive way she did to protect her income stream, or was she just in utter denial to the end like she was with her mother. Whatever it was, no outsider will ever be sure.

      Meanwhile her handlers and her family have uprooted the vast bulk of her online presence, which may be a good thing since it’s not there any longer to beguile people. On the other hand, all the public get is this blank silence that does not explain anything.

      It is just not a good way to die, leaving so much undone and seeing so much life work unravel and come to something not only useless but harmful to other people’s welfare.

  21. Rosalie,

    I just wanted to drop a quick line and tell you how much I respect you and the work you have done here. You are wonderful human being on a worthy mission. I know that right now you are going through all the comments from Jessica’s supporters and that many of them are vitriol-filled, so I wanted to quickly send my support your way. I think I also understand that you are working and going to school at the same time (been there, done that, got the t-shirt), so I empathize with the stress you are under. But keep up the good fight! Yours is a cause worth fighting for!

  22. Another thank you from me Rosalie, you are a brave lady to put your head above the pulpit and speak out about this subject. I have read your informative blog posts with interest. As a person that has been treated with chemo, radiation and Herceptin for breast cancer, the Wellness Warriors deadly message to reject proven treatments worried me a great deal. Cancer patients are extremely vulnerable, we should not tip toe around anyone who tries to influence them away from science based medicine.

    Perhaps if Jess’s followers & wellness friends had been brutally truthful, rather than fawning all over her, she may be here now.

  23. Hi Rosalie,

    I am also a cancer survivor and would like to thank you for the articles you have written and for exposing such a cautionary example of the whole alternative medicine, affiliate marketing and positive thinking/science denialism industry.

    During and after treatment all sorts of alternative medicine and magical thinking “solutions” are thrown at the patient by well-meaning, but delusional people. It is so very annoying and it can sometimes be so tempting to fall for a false hope instead of living with my eyes wide open and making sure I am making rational decisions about my healthcare.

    When numerous times I was told that these kinds of cancer entrepreneurs are the people I should look up to and follow in their steps (because they are so inspiring, healing naturally and staying positive all the way), I felt very guilty and weak because my story is not so shiny and marketable, I withdrew from people who could have helped me and fell deeper in depression, because of the guilt and fear of being criticized and blamed for my disease even more.

    You have done so much to tell the complete Wellness Warrior story for what it is – a nicely packaged delusion and an unethical, deadly business, so thank you! I am sure there must be other patients who have read your blog entries and they have helped.

    • Auma,

      You so perfectly stated why I find this alternative therapies to be psychologically and emotionally abusive.

      BTW, Jessica Ainscough was not positive all the time. She went through every crappy emotional state that I would expect a person with terminal cancer to go through. If she looked “joyful” all the time then that was a manipulation using make-up, lighting, and misleading blog posts.

      The flingers of woo like to tell people that cancer spreads based upon your emotional state, because they know that it is impossible for someone suffering from cancer to not feel badly relatively frequently. So if your cancer spreads and they ask if you have been having “negative thoughts” then they can say “gotcha!” and get themselves off the hook.

      It’s torture.

      • Yes, it is torture. Irrespective of the ethics of her business, I feel so sorry for Jess and the emotional side of her experience – Gerson quacks and her “love and light” sending idiot fans would say that any negative feelings directly affect her survival, so in that sense her last revealing blog posts may have actually been brave, given the hole of denial she had dug herself into. I hope she at least could express whatever she felt in the privacy of her family circle. To be that ill and to have to put on a positive spin on it all the time must be horrible.

  24. Let me tell you what it’s really like when cancer wages a war on your body.

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer aged 39. I followed every bit of the Oncologists advice. I had disfiguring surgery (a double mastectomy), a year of chemotherapy and four years later I still take hormone blocking medication. I was thrown into menopause during chemo, and now have no sex drive to speak of as well as far less confidence as a single woman. I have hot sweats all day and night which I can’t medicate due to risk of cancer recurrence.

    All of this you don’t see, but I sure do feel. My hair has grown back. I have implants (which look in no way like the real thing). My life is whole lot more easy to manage than being without an arm and shoulder.

    Do I regret it? No. Do I understand why Jess didn’t want to radically disfigure herself in the hopes it would buy her more time on this earth? Completely.

    Now let’s take my best friend. She was diagnosed with breast cancer 6 months after me. She too followed every bit of advice from her team of Oncologists. And they were a great team. She had a single mastectomy and 6 months of chemotherapy.

    But she was not one of the lucky ones. A year later, her cancer had spread. She tried no less than five other chemo regimes in the 18 months she was alive after that. She spent most of that time sick not from cancer but from the chemo drugs. And none of them worked. She was given odds better than Jess’s along the way and she followed everything to the letter chemo wise. Cancer is not fair. Even her Oncologists wish she had LESS chemo in retrospect.

    So I speak from considerable experience here when I say Jess was not deluded. Jess was coming from a place of hope and belief, which is what we as cancer patients and survivors desperately hang on to. As you well know there are plenty of cases of radical remission. In her heart and soul, she chose to focus on her being one of them, with the help of alternative treatments. As a result, instead of spending her limited time here being armless/sick without a guaranteed outcome, she was happy – at least for another 6 years. So were her family and friends and those who followed her journey.

    The alternative to how she lived is fear. Living in fear is soul destroying. It robs you of the ability to enjoy the moment. It causes anxiety and depression. Add in the trauma of recovering from such a huge surgery, side effects from chemotherapy and learning to live without a shoulder and arm and you have a picture of what was ahead for Jess following a purely traditional path.

    Jess from what I can undestand never told anybody that they should ignore their oncologists and follow natural alternatives exclusively. If others were inspired by her hope and belief to choose her path, that was a decision only they could make. And everybody has the right to research all of the options and proceed with the one that they feel most comfortable with. They can blog and talk about it too.As for making money in the process? We all need money, I’m glad she made enough to enjoy her short life as much as possible.

    Finally on the photographs of Jess not showing her arm, I don’t for a second think she was being deceitful. If anything she was being human. And us humans are vein, or at least she was (and I am too). I also imagine she was avoiding cancer pity. I know first hand that all you want after cancer is be considered ‘normal’. I wore wigs, and got a brest reconstruction for the same reasons.

    I know we are all entitled to our own opinions. You have yours, I have mine. I just hope all the others jumping on your bandwagon get the chance to think about things from Jess’s as well by reading this.

    • Good to hear another perspective. I can understand where your coming from to an extent.
      But personally, I believed she had “cured” herself by what she chose to show us.. so I’m always going to agree with Rosalie

    • Wait, you friend’s oncologists said that they may have not given her the proper treatment (in retrospect)? So they were being ethical and honest and they admitted that they made a mistake and that it was THEIR fault?
      Well, I’ll be damned.

  25. Yvette, you show great empathy and depth. My path sounds very similar to yours and am slowly but surely progressing in what I call the ‘new’ normal. I wish you continued good health. I don’t claim to understand the physiology of cancer but what I have learnt is that two patients diagnosed at the same stage and with similar treatments often do have a different outcome. Its not the treatment but the complexity of cancer that can change a result in a heartbeat, If you are diagnosed with cancer you are unlucky and some are extremely unlucky. I believe that our Oncologists and Surgeons are not condescending and untruthful and that is why I make my next point.

    I am with you on this Violet (as usual) and my anger is completely focused on the charlatans that abuse very frightened people when they are at their most vulnerable. I endured looking at a few YouTube videos on Gerson and other than the dribble that they were spinning, what struck me was their condescending, smirky tone. In one video, a Gerson patient has called Charlotte and asked why she was not doing well and after putting this poor woman through a barrage of questions she proudly announced that she wasn’t doing the treatment correctly as she was substituting some organic carrots with some organic oranges as the carrots were in short supply in her area. Unbelievable!

    I also posted their reply tweet. They have washed their hands of Jess and are hoping that this sad story will disappear very quickly. As I said, Jess deserved better than that from them. Mind you, they still have her photo and mention her on their site.

    Also, reading some other posts here, it is not surprising that others were taken in by Jess’s blog and experienced similar feelings of guilt and inadequacies as myself.


  26. Yes they were being ethical and honest. They didn’t ever say it was their fault. And of course it wasn’t. They tried everything to help keep her alive. They just regretted trying so hard given nothing worked and it only made her numbered days sick days. I am choosing to believe Jess was not being unethical or dishonest, perhaps misguided. It’s a sad situation, with a devestating outcome. I can appreciate you have a different POV.

    • Yvette,

      Let me explain my own reasoning for why I believe that Jessica was unethical and dishonest. Well, for starters she was most definitely misguided. She was lied to, plain and simple. But here is where I found her to be unethical: she very clearly mislead people into believing that she had cured her cancer using Gerson, and then when she “corrected” that fact, she did so by stating that she had never used the words, “I cured myself of cancer using Gerson therapy.” Yes, it’s true, I could not find a place where she used those SPECIFIC words, but if you look at a previous entry on this blog, then you will see a compilation of many, many instances where Jessica is quoted as having said that “Gerson worked for [her]” or “I am healing myself naturally using Gerson” or places simply where the interviewer says “You cured your cancer using Gerson. Tell me about it” and where Jessica chooses not to correct them.

      This went on for years. For years she very obviously wanted people to think that Gerson was curing her cancer. THIS right here is the problem that I have and I think it is the problem that most other people here have. I think that in the beginning Jessica was full of wishful thinking and hope, to the point where she did genuinely believe that Gerson was working for her.

      But eventually she realized that was not the case.

      It was at this point that Jessica needed to come out and tell her followers that, at least in her case, Gerson did not work. She had convinced literally thousands of people – many of them with cancer – that she had successfully used Gerson to cure her cancer. This was the point where she went from misguided person to an unethical and dishonest one. I think you are correct that Jessica was vain. I think her vanity and her ego prevented her from doing the right thing in the end, but that does not make it okay. We spent the last year on this blog begging Jessica to come clean, and she never did.

      All she did was pretend that she had never, ever given off the impression she had cured her cancer using Gerson, and that was a lie.

      It is for these reasons that I think she was an unethical and dishonest person. Please understand that I do not believe that her lack of ethics and dishonesty stems from the moment six years ago when Jessica sincerely believed that she was going to cure her cancer using Gerson. At that moment, I agree with you, she was just misguided.

      • I couldn’t agree with you more Violet. That is why I was sucked in along the way. I don’t for a minute believe that she set out to be dishonest and unethical but it definitely panned out that way in time. There were a few red flags along the way however, which I won’t go into immense detail and the blog has since been deleted so I can’t link to it – but posts about asking for donations and then the next day a post about her new shoes. Things like this, just didn’t sit right with me either..

  27. I’m so thankful you’re revealing the truth. Finally. Jess LIED. She defrauded people and made a fortune. I went VEGAN because of Jess. Because she spoke in interviews and on her blog that “Gerson healed her” and that “it worked for me.” Actually NO IT DID NOT.

    I was in TOTAL shock when I heard Jess passed. I completely believed her lies that she was cancer-free. I read her blog for years until recently I went into a bookshop and saw a copy of her book ‘Make peace with your plate.’ I opened the book on a random page about eggs. In the book Jess said that eggs were incredibly bad for human’s to eat and that they are toxic. I thought – oh, ok, if Jess says so, I will continue to never eat eggs. What an idiot I was. A couple of months later I saw Jess posted a photo on IG of an egg, with a post something along the lines of “Today I ate an egg” and that “her body had been craving an egg for a while now.” That is the moment I stopped following Jess. I was SO ANGRY at her. Everything she preached – I was doing. I even did coffee enemas. I bought a $2.5K Norwalk juicer because of her. Because it was the “best juicer there is.” Because Jess always LOOKED so healthy. Because she was hiding her cancer.

    I thought about the egg thing for about 3 days straight. I just couldn’t believe someone who had said animal products were toxic to the body would eat an egg just because they felt like it. I thought it must have been because her body was so healthy it could tolerate the occasional egg. But then I felt incredibly sad for her. I realised that she had put herself in a total box that doing anything outside that box for the rest of her life would be judged by the public. And I’m also incredibly mad that in order to introduce a “toxic” egg back into her diet, she had to write a whole post about it and about how she had decided we all need to let go of boundaries and rules and not put labels on things. Right. So basically the OPPOSITE of everything she had talked about previously about her perfectly regimented life of enemas, juicing, specific meals and meditation all to an exact schedule. What really annoyed me was that all her followers always supported her 100% regimented life, and zero sugar, zero junk, all agreeing with her, and as soon as she says lets just go with what our bodies tell us in the moment, all her followers agree and change their tune. “Thank you so much for this post Jess, I was just feeling the exact same thing today that it’s far healthier to eat that block of chocolate and be happy instead of telling myself it’s BAD and avoiding it. I’m going to go an eat that whole block now. Thanks Jess!” Literally everyone changed their tune too and followed her exact footsteps.

    I also realised that to no longer be a vegan, Jess would have to come up with an incredible marketing/PR strategy to convince her “tribe” (don’t get me started on that BSchool tribe crap) that suddenly eating meat is the way to go – hurray for just going with the flow man and not having so many rules anymore man. What about all the people who bought her book? Everyone deserves a refund. We have all been robbed by this woman. She continued to have cancer in her arm. She hid her lesions so she could continue to get wealthy. She lied about what was causing her arm to continue to deform when people confronted her about it. And so many of us were sucked in.

    • Yeh I hear you with the egg thing. The most irritating part is that she didn’t admit she was contradicting herself, she had to come up with a convoluted way of justifying it. It would have been a lot easier to swallow if she had just said ‘I know I said eggs were bad, but I’ve changed my mind’.

      The arm thing was mind-boggling too. She was always insisting it was ‘chemo damage’ then she finally admitted it was still cancer. Another layer of frustration was added when she denied lying about it. She tried to argue that, when saying her arm was damaged by chemo, she was telling the truth. Her arm probably was damaged by chemo, but she really should have mentioned that the cancer was still there! It was a lie of omission.

    • Just for your own mental well-being, I think you should look at this in a much different way. She’s dead. She wasn’t lying to people for money because she can’t very well spend it, again, she’s dead. It’s pretty obvious that she was lying to herself. Also, to anyone else out there, for the love of God, don’t change your whole diet, become a vegan, give up eggs, etc. just because somebody on the Internet told you that they did it and they “look” so healthy. So do a lot of models and all they do is smoke cigarettes, do cocaine and starve themselves. So, I’m sorry you guys but this one’s on you too. She wasn’t a doctor… you need to self assess and figure out why you so easily bought what she was selling and at least take some of the blame on yourself (cost of the book, lucky for you) or you’re going to do it again. I’ve got some beach front property to sell you Dallas.

  28. Hayley said it best. I was tripping off the egg thing too for like a week. She professes to be a vegan but was eating eggs and when everyone asked her about it she wanted to make it clear she never said she was vegan and that she does what is best for her body. Seriously?!? She did mislead and miguided her tribe/warriors. She put out the information for people but never corrected the info unless it go so bad that people were forced to ask her. At a certain point it was no longer denial but a complete cover up! People blatantly asked her and she made excuses excuses excuses. I mean why did she hide the arm so bad? We all knew her story. No one judged her arm because we all knew he story. That’s just like the surfer Bethany Hamilton trying to hide the arm. She doesn’t because everyone knows what happened. I commend Bethany for being honest with herself. Why did Jessica do her best to hide the arm. Well we all now one tha answer. It is because it was getting worse and worse and she wanted to keep people in the dark about what she knew was going on with her. Also she was protecting the business/the empire/the wellness warrior legion who bought all her products and followed her lead as she was a religion.
    It’s all vet sad and messed up. I can only imagine that patient who was following the gerson to a T and not seeing the regression of the cancer by hanging on in there because they believed they can be cured from it because if Jessica and now see that it doesn’t work.. What the heck are they to do? Sad sad and more sad.

  29. Thank you so much Rosalie & community for this discussion, I think it is an important one. As a new cancer survivor, I went through a really dark time in my journey where I began to doubt my choices to use conventional treatment, mainly because it was all happening so quickly and I had stumbled across Jessica’s blog and felt guilty that I couldn’t just heal myself naturally like she did. Finding this blog helped snap me out of that fog and I am incredibly grateful for the discussion here as it has given me such perspective and insight.

    I noticed on Samantha Gowling’s blog tribute to Jess ( that she made this comment about ‘both arms’:

    “Today I wandered the winter streets of Berlin (I am here to deliver a speech at the Healing Summit 2015) thinking about Jess. My mind and heart drifted to the sense that angels were sewing on her wings and allowing her to fly – with both arms joyfully in tact.”

    What do you think that means?

  30. It means Samantha Gowling thinks it’s great that Jess got to keep both of her arms. At what cost? These people are so frustrating. There is no joy in bleeding from your arm for a year.

    • Jessica kept both arms because she thought she had found a way to beat care AND keep her arm. She did not keep both arms because she had some principled stance about dying with both arms intact. Had the doctors told her three months ago that they could perform and amputation now and save her life, she would have jumped on it.

  31. There is a piece in the Sunshine Coast Daily from her family, yesterday, asking for privacy. They only just announced theres a memorial for her today. Once again the truth is being twisted to protect her image. Now that her online presence has been so severely erased its easy to hide much of the truth. Its made to sound like her cancer only resurfaced a year ago, and that the entire 7 years she consulted both oncologists and alternative therapists. Very frustrating. Rosalie wrote these blogs nearly exactly a year prior to her death. Of course we don’t know exactly when she decided (or was convinced) to go back to see an oncologist, but I know I’m always going to wonder if a year ago she would have had more of a fighting chance.

    “While this did appear to help Jess immensely, after the devastation of losing her mother Sharyn to breast cancer in 2013, Jess’ cancer resurfaced once again and was confirmed in 2014. ”

    “It has been speculated by people who have never met or treated Jess that, had she chosen to amputate her arm or undergo further conventional treatment, her chances of survival would have increased. Her treating oncologists do not agree with this uninformed view”

    • Just to add that I’m sure her treating oncologists didn’t want to tell a dying woman that everything she had done was in vain.

      • That’s right, her “final” oncologists were able to be “non-judgmental” because there was only palliative care left to offer to her. And of course since they are kind and good people they saw no reason to make a dying woman feel worse.

  32. Well here comes the coverup. I just read the article. Although this is truly a sad time they still want to ride the lie. Her cancer had been progressing for some time now and that was clear to everyone that looked at her arm when she was not covering it up. They are sticking with the fact that her mothers death causes the cancer to come back. But in the same breath it wasn’t confirmed to 2014. Jessica herself said she was healed and led people down the path encouraging them to heal themselves which the last time I checked healed yourself meant cure yourself. If you are healed or cured then why would it come back. I am not trying to make light of the fact that a beautiful young woman has passed away and did bring light to many. But facts are facts. She encouraged a lot of people away from conventional when according to the article she has been doing both the entire time. I still gerson therapy is a cult. They are really covering things up. Why not honesty?!?!

  33. Just like Katy said on this blog. She felt really guilty doing conventional treatment because of it’s “poison” and “side-effects” according to Jess. She really preached self healing and truly discouraged people from going through conventional treatments. I am seeing a lot on the blogs from people who are saying they bypassed conventional because of the likes of Jess when allegedly she did both the entire time. Why didn’t she say that and why are people singing her praises as if she want at fault for anything. I can respect death just as I respect life. But truth is truth. i looked at her dad Col’s Facebook and it was clear that he also does gerson. He doesn’t have cancer but he has pictures of Charlotte and all these people on his site. They were taken for a ride. I don’t ever think we will get honest answers. It’s all very tragic.

  34. That article was very poorly written, and not something I would expect from a “journalist”. It was purposefully written in a way so as to obfuscate the truth of what happened. Is the writer friends with Jessica or something? If so, then she should have recused herself from the assignment. I feel very, very badly for Jessica’s family and friends right now. I especially feel sorry for her dad who lost his entire family is just over a year.

    But any excuse-makers and people who think that we should not talk about the TRUTH of what happened here need to understand that there lots of Col Ainscoughs in the world. There are thousands of fathers and husbands who are watching a loved one suffer through the indignity of SCAM. We must stop this abuse! We must warn the world of Jessica Ainscough’s lie.

    • I’m not a PR expert, but I’d say the journalist has basically printed a press release written by a spin doctor working for the Wellness Warrior business. Certainly the quotes from the family are written by a media person; and the rest of the story follows very carefully spun lines.

      The real story is excellent material for a good investigative journalist and I hope someone takes it on (e.g. Background Briefing or even 4 Corners). It would be really good to see a coroner investigate some of the charlatans who kept her going along this path (e.g. the psychics and so on who took her money even while she was dying), as well as any deaths that may be connected to the information the WEllness Warrior business promoted for many years. My understanding is that, unless a friend or relative of Jess or one of her followers pushes for it (as Penelope DIngle’s sisters did), that is unlikely?

    • The “article” was not written by a reporter but submitted by Jessica Ainscough’s family. I’m assuming you are referring to this piece.

      I’ve been a newspaper reporter in the US and I find it to be odd. I don’t know of any respectable daily that would allow this sort of submission unless it is a letter to the editor. A journalist should have taken their submission, then researched the situation and interviewed people. As it stands, it comes across as being written by a reporter; you have to read the byline that uses a very small font.

      • Yeah, but it’s not a respectable daily, it’s a local rag in a particularly airheaded pocket of oz… :). Australian journalism has a terrible reputation, I refer you to frank Sinatra’s 1974 comments ;). With belt tightening, things have got pretty dire.

        That said, there are many great journos still around and hopefully one of them will do more than run the media releases.

  35. I’m more aligned to warning the world of the scam that is Gerson Therapy. Jess, of course is a perfect example to use in any warning but Charlotte, her son and all the pseudo doctors that run the clinics and their marketing should be the target of our frustration and warning. Unfortunately, there are so many similar scams and the Mexican connection make them untouchable. A coming forward by Jess’s family and friends would certainly make them uncomfortable and for that I can only hope.

    • I hope that one of them will come forward too. I think it is important right now to use Jessica as an example, because she has been a much more public face of Gerson lately that Charlotte. She is in the news right now and people are talking about her, and for that reason, I think it is better to use her story as a warning against SCAM.

  36. In addition to the death of Jess Ainscough, I would like to draw your attention to another Australian, Belle Gibson. She is known for her iPad app called “The Whole pantry” and is apparently living with brain cancer.

    The more I research her and look into her background, there is NO medical proof that she EVEN suffers from cancer, and I feel someone needs to look further into her ‘story’. She claims to be a single mother, who has no relationships with her family however from someone who ‘knows’ her, in fact she is a compulsive liar and has disowned her family, moving within Australia from State to state whenever someone starts to ask questions or look into her background or medical records.

    As she is a known public figure, it would be great if someone had the inclination to investigate this further. We dont need someone else taking advantage of the public, making money from it and scamming us into believing she is following ‘natural therapies’ to stay alive. We need PROOF and we need to ask more questions!

    • I also seriously question Belle Gibson’s story. She claimed on her facebook page more than six months ago that her cancer had spread to pretty much every major organ, yet she is going on like nothing has changed. Did the chemo and radiation she had put her cancer into remission until last summer? Or did she never even have brain cancer? I feel really badly about questioning the veracity of someone’s cancer story, but her story is just not adding up to me at all. If she really had cancer in her “blood, spleen, brain, uterus and liver” last July then she should either be dead or very, very sick right now. She seems to heavily indicate that she does not use conventional medicine after she had an epiphany about it in a parking garage. Well, I just don’t know, but something is very odd about her story.

  37. Omg I thought it was just me. I follow Belle Gibson on Instagram. It was on her page I found out about Jessica’s death. Her story doesn’t add up at all. She did claim that her cancer was in every major organ and now she travels everywhere like nothing happened. Yes please look into her claims. She is another one that claims to only use natural and alternative methods. The whole pantry is a best selling app and book and she funds her lifestyle off of that. No info about her family. Only her son Oli. Let’s get to the bottom of this one please.

  38. OMG Belle Gibson is one I am so suspicious of! I followed her on Instagram from the beginning & it seemed very odd to me on July 29 2014 she posted, and I quote…

    “With frustration and ache in my heart // my beautiful, gamechanging community, it hurts me to find space tonight to let you all know with love and strength that I’ve been diagnosed with a third and forth cancer. One is secondary and the other is primary.
    I have cancer in my blood, spleen, brain, uterus, and liver. I am hurting. ”

    And then on September 9th she posted that’s she was in San Francisco and on September 14th – “I’m now here in Bali for the Big Hearted Business creative business workshop and spending some time grounding after some mammoth air-time.”

    So I commented on her picture asking for an update on the status of her Cancer and that she seemed to be so much better so quickly for all this travelling. I was almost immediately blocked from her Instagram AND Facebook which I hold under my same name….that just rang major censorship bells to me as every other comment on her page was ‘You’re so inspiring’ etc etc

    Rosalie – this should be your next investigation as this woman is making serious money from this app and now book.

    Her story just doesn’t tie up.

      • It’s interesting that Belle Gibson’s instagram has been set to private. I’ve wondered about her for ages. How can someone have such huge cancer spread and still alive yet alone still be travelling around the world?

      • What I can gather from Belle’s story is that she was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of twenty, did two months worth of conventional treatment, and then eschewed it after she passed out on the lawn of the hospital. She was told she could never have children but she got pregnant not long after that. She thinks the HPV vaccine caused her cancer. She has a mother with M.S. who used to take in foster children but Belle is estranged from her because her mother was in “denial and fear” after hearing her diagnosis (seems like two contradictory emotional states to me). Oh and to me it seems like a very petty reason to not talk to your own sick mother for six years. She has also apparently had a couple of miscarriages. Now, I really hate to be like this, but I just have to go here: every woman I have known with “lying issues” has “had a miscarriage”. Just putting that out there.

        Now she has had cancer that has invaded her liver, her blood and her spleen seven months ago, and as far as I can glean from her facebook, she is taking trips and living life as normal. It is not adding up at all.

        Also, several people have pointed out that brain cancer does not spread to the rest of the body. Some have asked if her primary cancer was actually somewhere else and was only detected later in the brain. Either that, or it’s a bunch of b.s.

        I hate to look like the world’s biggest jerk (which is why so many fake cancer stories go on for years), but not much of Belle’s story is adding up to me. Her story lacks greatly in details. Jessica Ainscough has the exact time and date and where she was right before she went to the doctor and heard about her diagnosis, and to me, that sounds right. Belle is very vague about the whole thing.

  39. A commenter with the moniker “Family Friend” has posted on RI confirming what a lot of us have suspected about Jess’ real situation these past years.

    March 6, 2015
    I’ve debated posting this, but I feel I have to.

    I’m a family acquaintance. More a friend of a close family friend, but I do know the Ainscough family, and it’s important that her followers know what the last year or more was actually like for Jess.

    She was tremendously shaken up by the death of her mother. Much more than her last blog posts let on. She was not only grieving the loss of a parent, but she felt a lot of guilt and suffered a crisis of faith.

    Before her mother’s death, she could argue a doctor under the table with nothing but unbridled confidence. She believed so much in what she was doing, that she cannot be considered a fraud. A fraud knowingly deceives people for gain. Until the death of her mother, she believed everything she stood for, down to the letter. Until that moment, she had not seriously considered her own mortality.

    After, her health deteriorated very quickly. She dealt with grief, guilt and depression on top of her worsening physical condition.

    Towards the end, she was desperate and deeply regretful. It’s one of the big reasons that her social media accounts, website and videos were deleted. The truth is, she died knowing that she rejected treatment that may have saved her life, or at least prolonged it. If you put yourself into the shoes of a young woman who has to face that she gambled with her life and lost, you will realise what a terrifying revelation that is.

    To concede that you were wrong about something is a bitter pill to swallow, but to know that it will lead to your premature death is just unimaginable.

    I’ve already seen commentary around that suggests that her crisis and questioning of her treatment led to negative energy that made the cancer flare up. That is simply not true. Her arm in particular degraded at an expected rate, even during the height of her positivity and commitment to her regime.

    I personally did not believe in what she was doing. It was also a bone of contention and cause of frustration for some other family and friends, but rarely spoken about directly. The result is sad for all involved, but it was not unexpected to some of us. And there is no joy whatsoever to derive from being right in this situation.

    I understand why her followers and associates are coming to her defense. They only ever really knew the dedicated and passionate Jess that would not hear of any other treatment for her condition. They’re looking for holes and logic and conditions in which this could all still fit, though tragically, into what she believed and taught.

    The tragic truth is that, in the end, she didn’t believe it. She did not regret her healthy lifestyle, but she most certainly did regret rejecting conventional treatment.”

    • I figured as much. I assumed that after her mother died, that she was seriously distressed about Gerson and her whole charade. Her blog shifted after that. It went from her talking about personal stuff to her posting about other people’s stuff. Then, someone here posted that her lecture at one of these health events was really just about her journey as an author. I am glad to hear that at least a few people in Jessica’s life were against all this nonsense.

      This comment does give me some hope that someone close to Jessica will come out against SCAM. The only thing that makes me angry is that if Jessica regretted using SCAM, then she should have used those words exactly. Instead she beat around the bush.

      • All of the points family friend makes I think we all thought but had no proof. I was pretty sure it’s been jess’ wishes to remove her online presence too.

        Not only would it have taken tremendous courage to admit she was wrong and gerson a fraud but she would have had to deal with such backlash and people asking for money back etc. possibly even lawsuits or threats of. I can understand to a certain extent why she didn’t want to deal with this in her final months. But she has left such a web of lies and argument in her wake its just a shame she couldn’t have spoken up and been a true hero

  40. I just noticed a comment in Orac’s post here:

    March 6, 2015

    I’ve debated posting this, but I feel I have to.

    I’m a family acquaintance. More a friend of a close family friend, but I do know the Ainscough family, and it’s important that her followers know what the last year or more was actually like for Jess.

    She was tremendously shaken up by the death of her mother. Much more than her last blog posts let on. She was not only grieving the loss of a parent, but she felt a lot of guilt and suffered a crisis of faith.

    Before her mother’s death, she could argue a doctor under the table with nothing but unbridled confidence. She believed so much in what she was doing, that she cannot be considered a fraud. A fraud knowingly deceives people for gain. Until the death of her mother, she believed everything she stood for, down to the letter. Until that moment, she had not seriously considered her own mortality.

    After, her health deteriorated very quickly. She dealt with grief, guilt and depression on top of her worsening physical condition.

    Towards the end, she was desperate and deeply regretful. It’s one of the big reasons that her social media accounts, website and videos were deleted. The truth is, she died knowing that she rejected treatment that may have saved her life, or at least prolonged it. If you put yourself into the shoes of a young woman who has to face that she gambled with her life and lost, you will realise what a terrifying revelation that is.

    To concede that you were wrong about something is a bitter pill to swallow, but to know that it will lead to your premature death is just unimaginable.

    I’ve already seen commentary around that suggests that her crisis and questioning of her treatment led to negative energy that made the cancer flare up. That is simply not true. Her arm in particular degraded at an expected rate, even during the height of her positivity and commitment to her regime.

    I personally did not believe in what she was doing. It was also a bone of contention and cause of frustration for some other family and friends, but rarely spoken about directly. The result is sad for all involved, but it was not unexpected to some of us. And there is no joy whatsoever to derive from being right in this situation.

    I understand why her followers and associates are coming to her defense. They only ever really knew the dedicated and passionate Jess that would not hear of any other treatment for her condition. They’re looking for holes and logic and conditions in which this could all still fit, though tragically, into what she believed and taught.

    The tragic truth is that, in the end, she didn’t believe it. She did not regret her healthy lifestyle, but she most certainly did regret rejecting conventional treatment.

    • If it’s true that she was regretful towards the end of her life, why didn’t she admit she was wrong about Gerson to her faithful followers (many who would’ve been vulnerable cancer patients)?

      • Because in the end, she was not a big enough person to do that, and it take a really big person to admit that you were wrong about something so crucial. In the end, poor Jessica was in way too much emotional turmoil to deal with the reality in an appropriate way. Everything family friend says is exactly the way all of us her suspected things were going down. No, none of are psychics or know-it-alls; we are simply human beings who understand the human condition and how ANY human being would process all this.

        The fantasy-based people of the world will continue to act as though Jessica did everything right, which is why we reality-based people need to keep spreading the truth.

  41. Wow!!!! It really is a business. Belle Gibson has taking pictures down from her site and changing her mission statement because she knows she is being watched….she said and I quote “director @wholepantry – a wellness and lifestyle resource for you to live your best.”
    She has been deleting pics left and right. She is taking down anything that incriminates her…she knows we are on to her. One of her followers asked why she has been deleting pics and someone said that she is blocking everyone who has been saying or asking anything about her cancer. Seriously folks?!?!?! What is up with these folks….why hide? If it’s not working then it’s not working….just be honest with folks about what is going on with you.
    Regarding Jessica…..I think it would have been okay at the end to acknowledge the truth about gerson. There were thousands of people she influenced and they believed her word like gold because it “healed and cured her” or at least they thought it did. She left things so open and it wasn’t fair. It is so sad.

  42. When I was diagnosed with cancer well meaning friends referred me to Jess, but a couple referred me to Belle Gibson. I remember someone telling me about Belle to give me ‘hope’, ie, if Belle can use diet to control brain cancer then I could do the same with breast cancer. It’s never been clear on her site if she is having treatment, but she doesn’t seem to be. It would be easy enough for her to clarify all of this, even a post about the challenges of flying overseas whilst managing cancer would make it sound authentic. Time to keep people honest. There seems to be a lot of money to be made from having a cancer which allows you to still look good enough to sell lots of cookbooks. This sounds cruel if Belle is for real, and if that’s the case then I apologise and stand corrected. But questions need to be asked to protect others who might just assume.

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