An Open Letter to the Wellness Warrior

It is becoming clearer every day that your cancer has taken its expected course, (give or take a year or so, Drs can’t be exact), in spite of all your time at the Gerson retreat and the promises of Gerson ‘Therapy’. In spite of the arduous juicing and organic dietary regime, the coffee enemas ‘removing toxins’ from your body, all the natural ‘therapies’, the powers of your ‘medical intuitive’ all your hard emotional and spiritual work, self-love and self-focus. It appears that you were lied to and misled by the very people you turned to for ‘care’. The people who convinced you that if you only do everything right, you will be cured. It also appears that the only ones who were ever honest with you were your real, medical doctors, and what they predicted is currently playing out.

In the beginning you publicly shared everything about your condition, your ‘treatment’, your daily routine. It seemed like nothing was off limits. Making and publishing a video demonstrating how you do coffee enemas made a lot of us cringe, but not you. Your readers were treated to daily updates and stories of your chosen path and how well it was working. Now that things have taken a turn for the worse, you have retreated with little explanation, stopped the information flow to those same readers who cheered you on, supported you, purchased your products and essentially have made your current lifestyle possible. They have been unceremoniously shut out and dumped from your journey now that reality is setting in and life is no longer sunshine and roses.

cat not speaking

You have a unique and important opportunity right now. You can admit to your followers, and those you have influenced to follow your path that you were lied to, and taken advantage of by dishonest cancer entrepreneurs when you were at your most vulnerable. You have the opportunity to speak to people with cancer, in your situation, and tell them that their cancer is not their fault for living an impure life or not being positive enough. You can tell them that having cancer that progresses it is not their fault for not eating exactly right, or thinking the right thoughts. You have the opportunity to use your influential platform to warn people that there are those who will take advantage of them. That just because conventional medicine doesn’t have all the answers, doesn’t mean that alternative methods will work.

The choice is yours, keep trying to project the lie, keep misleading your followers and blame yourself for not doing all the things right, or admit that cancer is a bastard. It is not a message or a blessing, it is a disease and its aim is to kill people.

What do you want your legacy to be? The girl who deluded herself and as a result, misled thousands of people – some vulnerable cancer patients themselves, until the bitter end? Or the girl who stood up and was bravely honest. The girl who spoke out about how unscrupulous people took advantage of her vulnerability, and saved others from going through the same?

138 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Wellness Warrior

  1. In her last post she reported that scans had shown her disease to be confined to her arm and shoulder. If this is the case, they why the heck hasn’t she opted for amputation? Her arm is useless and painful, and amputation might give her a few more years.
    From my understanding, a fungating tumor won’t kill you. It is the disease progressing to vital organs that kills you. Or am I wrong?

    And for the record, I wish Jessica Ainscough didn’t have cancer. I wish no one had cancer.
    And telling people to forgo conventional cancer treatment is irresponsible and just wrong.

    • That the scans have not picked up any tumors in the rest of her body does not necessarily mean that the cancer has not spread. The reason that the doctors wanted to amputate her arm seven years ago was because this cancer is so slow growing, that is it can get into the rest of the body and not be detectable for quite some time. The fact that Jessica has large, bleeding, fungating tumors is not a good sign. Her cancer has grown and spread for over six years without any treatment. Jessica’s arm is useless to her right now and is causing her pain and misery, so surely a life-saving amputation at this point would be a welcome thing. The fact that she has not gotten one speaks volumes to me. Also, she is undergoing radiotherapy for her fungating tumors, which is purely for palliation and will not put the cancer in remission. Maybe an oncologist can enlighten me, but it seems that the treatment Jessica is getting is simply to extend her life a little and make her final days more comfortable. BUT, I still must ask if there might be a reason to shrink the tumors before amputation, especially since she has a large tumor in her armpit, which would be at the amputation site.

    • Firstly, one of her many reasons for not having scans up until this point was that her original cancer was never picked up by scans anyway.. so I’m guessing the fact that scans show it hasn’t spread doesn’t mean anything. Secondly, while I’m no expert either, at a guess a large fungating tumour could potentially kill someone by 1. causing possible infection, and/or 2. depleting the body of vitamins/minerals, causing anaemia and other deficiencies… this are probably just some of the ways it could potentially kill a person

      • Yes I am thinking that the reason she has been bed-ridden for a year is because she is severely anemic at this point from non-stop bleeding. The radiotherapy is to help shrink the tumor and stop the bleeding. She promised to be blogging again in January, and here we are, a week away from March, and as per usual there is nothing but silence from her. Her blog used to be consistently updates about every three days or so, and many of her posts were from guest bloggers or were quick little rewrites about someone else’s “thing”. The fact that neither Jessica nor her team can do something so simple is all the evidence I need that she is extremely sick right now. I feel a lot of sympathy for someone her age going through this, but damn I wish she would come clean right now. She obviously inspired plenty of people to renounce real medical care and turn to quackery. If she now regrets her decision, and now can see the benefit of conventional medicine, then she REALLY MUST come out and say it.

  2. Her facebook and pinterest pages seem to have disappeared. Instagram is telling me the page is private. Might be a glitch, or a really bad sign.

      • How desperately sad. Yet they still maintain that she ‘thrived’ with cancer. I hope that the unspoken message of her tragic passing reaches any of her followers who are considering rejecting medical treatment.

      • If that is the case then I am very sorry. Am haunted by one of her final posts on January 1st about ‘surrender’ – it sounds like she probably knew what was coming. The trouble is, her book is still out there for sale and in public libraries for millions of impressionable or desperate people to read and the message is wrong.

  3. I somehow missed this post. How very sad to read it now. Imagine how great it would have been if her legacy had been to lift the veil on gerson and alternatives. Maybe if she had done it in a timely manner she could have continued to build her empire (for her family left behind) but in a totally different direction

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