The Wellness Warrior Responds

One day after my previous post was published Jess Ainscough responded, to clarify some things and call me (and her other critics) bullies. Kudos to her for coming out and explicitly stating that she is not in remission or cured and stating that she needs to be more transparent with her ‘tribe’.  Not quite an admission that the cancer in her arm has been worsening all along, but it’s something. It’s a shame she then went on to muddy the waters with a bunch of nonsense about how she is thriving with cancer, the cancer doesn’t need to be eradicated, she is as healthy as she has ever been, she has seen many miraculous recoveries occur as a result of Gerson Therapy, and her body will completely heal when the time is right. The fact remains that Gerson Therapy is expensive, life restricting nonsense. It has not been proven to work and the National Cancer Institute has this to say about it:

“The data that are available are not sufficient to warrant claims that the Gerson therapy is effective as an adjuvant to other cancer therapies or as a cure. At this time, the use of the Gerson therapy in the treatment of cancer patients cannot be recommended outside the context of well-designed clinical trials.”

Interestingly, in her blog post she tries to take the moral high ground. She writes a ‘loving message’ to her critics and adds a positive affirmation at the end that reads:

“I replace judgement with kindness and compassion”

The ironic thing about that affirmation is that the moment she published her blog post she publicly labeled her critics ‘bullies’ and instigated a flood of comments from her followers judging us. A few examples:

‘they are not worth your time’

‘I bet they don’t have room in their lives to do anything good for others’

‘they are not worthy to comment on your life’

‘they are afraid of things they don’t understand’

‘they must have deep wounds they need to heal’

‘those who delight in trying to tear down others’

‘don’t let these nasties get you down’

‘they are clearly very sick people who need help’

‘how sad their life must be’

‘how spiteful some people can be’

The vast majority of these people have not read my original post, did not see comments on Facebook questioning her and have no idea what was said, except that she was criticised. They don’t even know what they are commenting on, a perfect example of the nature of the Wellness Warrior’s  ‘tribe’. Why didn’t she link to the criticism she was responding to and let the people judge for themselves? If it is a matter of not wanting to send internet traffic my way there is always as a method of directing people to a website without their visit counting. Or is it a matter of not wanting followers to see the ugly truth? So much for the new found  transparency.

Now to the content of the blog post.

Jess made several points in her post which I will address. I’m going to paraphrase but you can see the original by clicking here.

1. She is concerned that her target audience are being presented with a false account of the state of her health. She is often misquoted and other people make false conclusions about her condition. 

The people she accuses of misquoting her, or making false conclusions are doing so based on what she tells them and the impression she gives them.  There has never been a clarification sighted on any of her own outlets when she  has been ‘misquoted’, or a  retraction/correction ever published where these ‘misquotes’ or ‘false accounts’ have appeared. She allows people to believe she has cured her cancer every time she doesn’t correct misquotes. Every time she doesn’t correct false conclusions. Every time she says there is something other than cancer wrong with her arm rather than ‘in addition to’. Every time she uses vague phrases like ‘I healed my body’. She has misrepresented her  true situation by inference and lies of omission and is now blaming others for that.

Jess has created a very public, profitable image and as such she needs to take responsibility for the clarity of her message. She needs to accept the fact that the public have the right to scrutinise her statements, claims and actions. In fact when it comes to the topic of health and cancer treatments the public has a responsibility to scrutinise. Crying foul on being called out in these circumstances is ridiculous.

2. She has faith that her body will completely heal once she has completely learnt the lesson that her cancer is here to teach. 

That is a lovely, comforting way to think and I’m sure it helps her sleep at night. But that is all it is, comforting thoughts. Nonsense. Cancer is a disease. A horrible, nasty disease that attacks indiscriminately, can sometimes be treated or cured and sometimes not. It takes people’s lives leaving  their loved ones behind to grieve. It doesn’t want to teach lessons, it wants to kill. Sure, people can find lessons in their cancer experience but life lessons are not the purpose of cancer, nor will it magically go away if the right ones are learned.

3. She doesn’t claim Gerson Therapy cured her. 

See my response to point one. The words “Gerson Therapy cured me” may have never passed her lips, but she is complicit in allowing people to believe that it did. Take this statement in Dolly magazine, January 2012 for instance:

“I am ecstatic to report that it has worked for me. I have had no cancer spread, no more lumps pop up (they were popping up rapidly before) and I can actually see some of my tumours coming out through my skin and disappearing.”

What reasonable person would not think that meant she thought she was cured? And here, some examples of people who, due to the lack of clarity in her message thought she was cured. These people are her own fans and followers yet they didn’t realise she still has cancer. That isn’t the fault of anyone else but the messenger.


                      “Love this chick! I actually didn’t know she still has cancer.”


“You’re living proof that cancer can be cured using natural means and good disposition”

4. She doesn’t make money peddling a “cancer cure”.

I’m not going to spend much time on this because I didn’t say it. Must have been one of the other bullies critics. What I did say was:  “None of this has stopped Jess from turning her circumstances into a career.”

5. She is not anti-doctors or anti-conventional medicine.

Like number 4, I didn’t say this either, I’ll have to attribute that one to the other bullies critics as well. I’ll just add this without comment and you can come to your own conclusion about her attitude to doctors and conventional medicine:

Jess Gerson Health Danger

“As regulars of this blog know, I am currently using the Gerson Therapy to recover from cancer. Dr. Max Gerson was far ahead of his time when it came to natural healing therapies. Known as the father of natural cancer cures, Dr. Gerson has given many tens of thousands of people the tools to cure their own cancers. I hate to think where patients like me would be if it hadn’t been for his knowledge, understanding and determination to make a difference to the poor state of the cancer industry. It’s kind of shocking to think that even though Dr. Gerson discovered his cure way back in the 1930s, many people have still never even heard of him – let alone know that his legacy holds the answers to curing cancer. After Dr. Gerson’s death, his daughter Charlotte made it her life’s purpose to keep her father’s dream alive.
In this series of interviews, Mike Adams (aka the Health Ranger) of speaks to Charlotte Gerson about why the medical and drug industry do not want to find a cure for cancer and the history of mainstream oppression against cancer cures and leading anti-cancer doctors. This goes all the way back to the Nazis, IG Farben and the history of pharmaceutical companies like Bayer, which were implicated in the chemical torture of concentration camp prisoners.
This is a fascinating, must-listen interview for anyone suffering from cancer. If you know of someone who you think may benefit, please send them the link to this page. It is criminal to keep this information from the public.”

6. Her beliefs and opinions have evolved over the years, so paying attention to anything she said in the past is being inaccurate. 

I think everyone’s beliefs and opinions evolve over time as they make their way through life, I know mine have. However, facts don’t change and Jess’ arm is still getting worse, no matter what she believes. This doesn’t absolve her from any responsibility for things she has said or claims she has made up to now. Or maybe it does? Given the quote pictured above in point 5 was from 2010, we better ignore it then. Right.

As for ‘a loving note to my critics’, words like ‘onslaught’, ‘bullying’ and ‘attacks’ aren’t really loving, nor is suggesting all critics want to do was ‘condemn’ and are ‘disappointed not to find a conspiracy’. To say ‘ Try having a little compassion and kindness’ is to suggest that simply because someone questions, or disagrees with what she is doing that they lack compassion and kindness. I suggest that the only thing Jess knows about her critics is that they have criticised her. Thats a whole lot of negative judgement on a whole group of people for one loving note. Especially from someone affirming to replace judgement with kindness and compassion. Most of her critics simply want more transparency, which she admits she needs to increase.

And finally, a blog post like that is exactly the reason people are scared to call her out. She took no time at all to play the victim card. Jess is responsible for the things she is being called out on and she needs to own that. I am truly sorry about her illness and the loss of her mum, but that doesn’t get her a free pass.

You are not a victim here Jess, and out of respect and empathy for all those who have actually experienced bullying I refuse to let you apply the label ‘bully’ to me or any of your other critics. Save it for anyone who actually bullies you, the person, not those who criticise your message, your claims or your behaviour. That is not bullying, not even close.

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  1. I note here: that Jess has previously promoted Gerson “Therapy” / other dietary changes as a cure (along with other nonsense), and that this article is still freely available. I have seen one tweet from one of her fans, following Jess’ response, that still holds out hope that this “therapy” may still cure her. Jess’ response very clearly equivocates on whether the “therapy” cures or not, which is to be expected I guess from someone looking to make money from it.

  2. The way I see it is, she is brain washed. Whether she brain washed herself or was influenced by the Gerson people I don’t know. I honestly think she talked herself into believing she was cured or curing herself at the time, while on the Gerson Portocol. You only have to read a couple of her blogs from back then to get this impression. The tumours were the cancer coming out, etc etc. Unfortunately, for everyone involved, whilst lying to herself she built up a massive following and consequently passed on these same impressions. I started reading her blog in 2011, and I too, was sucked in, “wow she’s cured herself of cancer” I would tell people. Fast forward four years and She’s now so far down the rabbit hole, she hasn’t seen any other option but to play the victim card. Her cancer is spread, and she is a victim to this yes, but nothing else. It is her fault, and her fault alone that she has been misleading others for so long and giving false impressions. All that can be done is to continue to call her out, and take some heart in the fact that when her name is googled one of the first hits is a critics article. Good on you Rosalie for spreading what we have all been thinking for a long time x

  3. Sorry this is long, but posting this just to illustrate that it’s not good enough for a blogger to say “my position on things has changed so things I said in the past don’t matter”.
    I first became aware of Jess’s blog when a friend shared this post:
    Even at the time, the level of delusion about what some of these ‘flareups’ (lumps and swelling in a person with untreated breast cancer) mean was alarming, and in hindsight given that her mother didn’t survive, it’s horrifying.
    But look at the comments from January and February this year (these are after her mother died, but obviously the commentators look at posts in isolation, they don’t read the whole blog and learn that her mother died last year, and of course they won’t read yesterday’s post and find that Jess still has cancer after finishing Gerson therapy).

    “Patricia | On Jan 24, 2014
    I have been going through the same stuff as your mom for about two weeks. I feel as well that there is a strand of pearls going through my boob that has the breast cancer. Not only that I have an awful rash that I use to have when I was pregnant with my third child and it covers from my waist down. I’ve been on the Gerson diet for a little over a year. I really enjoy it but I do get a bit scared and discouraged sometimes due to these healing reactions that I wasn’t sure that they were healing reactions. I’m happy that I found your blog. I found it very comforting Thank you
    Mary | On Feb 14, 2014
    Jess, thank you for your blog, video, and all of the wonderful information that you have shared with all of us. So inspiring! I am at the beginning of my journey and am experiencing muscle twitching that seems to resolve with electrolyte supplements and salt. I am experiencing this even with the maximum number of juices. My fatigue increases by the day. I will have my labs done next week but I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this. It makes me a little nervous about moving into the castor oil enema and about removing the salt completely, but I know how important these steps are. Any thoughts?
    Mary | On Feb 14, 2014
    Just to clarify, the imbalance occurs with magnesium too. I have digestive issues and another condition that could be the causes.

    Reader ‘Patricia’ was scared and discouraged by her own symptoms, but was comforted by this post. Which hasn’t been updated with some pretty relevant information, i.e. that one subject recently died, and the other has finally admitted the therapy didn’t work.

    I’m sure the ‘flareups’ post will be taken down once this comment is published (feel free not to publish it if you like Rosalie and contact me by email).

  4. She is now in absolute PR damage control mode. Her post almost completely rewrites her history, her philosphy and her aims.
    Interestingly, she has also now password protected multiple older blog posts – most of the ones that made claims about mainstream medicine, cancer cures and her condition.

    • Hi Scott,
      I’m not surprised many of her older blogs are password protected. I guess if one is rewriting history, trying to dispose of that history is par for the course. It’s a shame for Jess that the Internet never forgets.

  5. It is about time she was made accountable for the things she has said and the people she has misled. The million dollar question now – if she had eaten mcdonalds every day for the last 4 years would her arm be exactly the same? I know what I think..

  6. Hi Rosalie

    I would like to thank you for these blog posts about Jess Ainscough. I have been an avid reader of her blog and follower of her journey and it is only today after reading her latest post and then reading ALL the comments below that I have ever seen any criticism of her at all and it was only after some serious googling that I found your blog posts.

    I like to think of myself as an intelligent 25 year old woman and I also like to think I am very open-minded – I have after all been very open-minded to ‘alternative’ cancer treatment, therapies & practises that Jess has promoted. However, it is only today that I realise what truly being open-minded is and that is considering all perspectives.

    I am all for being healthy, self-love & a mind-body-soul approach to healing disease but it is only today I realised the influence someone like Jess actually has over someone like me. I only realised today that I gave up eating fish, which I love, because I read one article by Jess which said farmed-fish were bred in water which is highly toxic and full of heavy metals that cause cancer.

    I have noticed before today though that Jess does her very best to hide her arm in photographs & I have noticed before today that even after Gerson Therapy which she sings the praises of so much, her cancer did not get better. I also possessed the common sense to realise that doing coffee enema’s every day couldn’t possibly be good for your health and paying thousands and thousands of pounds to take part in Gerson Therapy sat a little ‘uncomfortably’ with me. But still, in my ‘tribal’ state, I pressed past these thoughts – ‘She’s probably just conscious of her arm’s appearance’ & so on…

    But after her response (or in my opinion attack) on her critics today, I can’t help but feel she has shot herself in the foot a bit. I also completely disagree with one comment I read saying she is in full on ‘PR’ mode – whoever is advising her PR-wise is frankly doing a terrible, terrible job as her response has spoken for itself. Labelling her critics ‘bullies’, protecting previous blog posts, deleting & then hiding your perfectly reasonable Facebook comments and still refusing to address the state of her arm. These responses say it all and I just find it sad that she is literally so ensconced in her beliefs (which she insists are so open-minded) that she can’t see how hypocritical her response has been. Not so open-minded after all…

    I will be watching with interest as to how this all unfolds, I look forward to reading your future posts and observing the tone of her future posts. Perhaps if she is willing to charge $100 per head for tickets to her tour, she might consider being more open about the condition (or lesson as she sees it) that is allowing her to earn this living. Perhaps instead of covering it with bandages, or hiding it behind people in photo’s, she could just post a photo of the current state of her arm, for ‘transparency’ as she puts it.

    I commend you and thank you for being brave enough to publicly challenge the ‘Wellness Warrior’ – you only have to read the hundreds of adoring comments underneath her latest post to see what you are taking on (and now reading them with a different perspective, I actually see them as quite frightening).

    Well please know that today you have at least opened the mind of one of her readers and I am not talking about ‘attacking’ or ‘bullying’ or ‘turning against’ Jess as an individual. I don’t know what it’s like to have cancer and what choices I would make and I don’t know what it’s like to lose my Mum to cancer, and for those reasons I feel sadness and compassion towards her. But my mind is now open to the fact that regardless of what she is going through and how awful it is to have cancer, she does have to take responsibility for the influence she has over people and the inference of fact she gives over in her writing. I have believed things she has written which are simply not true or simply not proven. That is dangerous and requires honesty & transparency to back it up, not censorship and back-peddling.

    Needless to say, I am having fish for my dinner tonight.

    Filly x

    • Hi Filly,
      I’m glad you found the blog and thought it helpful. It is a bit disheartening that most of her followers are willing to condemn myself and others as bullies without making any effort to see what has actually been said.

      I hope you enjoy your fish!

    • Hi Filly, I too, am a ‘converted’ follower of Jess’s. In all honesty, it didn’t sit right with me when her mother passed away that she had ignored her tribe’s enquiries of her mother’s health.. sure its a highly personal matter, but I believe they had some right to know Gerson was failing. And has now failed twice, in that family alone. Alarm bells really started clanging when she began covering up her arm and not being honest about her cancer progression. I felt quite fooled, and had even stopped eating meat for a time due to her influence.

      She’s being so extremely obstinate and pig-headed for lack of a better word, I don’t think she will ever admit that Gerson is a failure. So much so, that I’m beginning to wonder if she is being paid by them.

      Perhaps this is the lesson in life she’s so desperately seeking, to become less obstinate and MORE open minded. To not see her critics as ‘bullies.’ To own her mistakes and misleading claims. Sadly, I don’t think its a lesson she will ever learn, as she can’t get out of her own way, and won’t want to now with the cash cow she has created..

    • I agree with Filly. I was following her blog & truly believe she was cured of cancer. It was only yesterday, I came across her criticism from your blog & another blog. I have to admit she is not being completely & she does hide her arm all the time.

      At the same time, I will not say every single alternative therapy is rubbish but being too stuck up about health is not good either. I have done research & I do know how science works. There are many things docs & science has rubbished but are true in my case.

  7. Rosalie, I too would like to thank you for writing this (and your previous) article in the compassionate, yet fair manner that you have.
    I would like to make clear that I DO feel deep empathy for this woman. It is impossible to not feel for someone who has received such a dire prognosis at an early age – however, over the past few years I have found myself becoming ever more enraged by the sheer intellectual dishonesty and lack of accountability displayed by this woman, especially given the reach of her “wellness” empire.

    What I find almost incomprehensible is the manner in which she has been treated by the vast majority of the Australian Media. Jess Ainscough, who clearly has fungating wounds/tumours on her arm, has appeared on television & in the print media in a variety of puff pieces in which her (apparently ever-fluid) story is lapped up as gospel. The reinforcement for regular followers of the echo-chamber like blog she runs must be extraordinary. I have to wonder how many long-term followers may have simply passed away – the more “difficult” comments (indeed, now entire posts) are, apparently, simply air-brushed out of the narrative.

    Having read all of the comments here I discovered to my dismay that the situation is even more upsetting than I had already thought after having spent quite some time over the past few years reading through Jess Ainscough’s blog. As a particular example: the link provided by lisa on February 24 regarding a single mother’s query as to whether the money she donated went towards apparently desperately needed “treatments” or a pair of expensive trainers was rather revealing. Those who commented, far from espousing a loving, “healing” ethos all but eviscerated the woman for having the audacity to be confused by a lack of advertising disclosure. In turn these commenters were thanked for “Having my back”. That particular incident is – to most reasonable people far closer to “cyber bullying” than having a few dozen skeptics show concern for a person’s health by asking a few confronting questions.

    Finally, less overt yet probably far more pernicious is the kind of harm so eloquently expressed by Rose T on February 24: that of a very ill person being left feeling like a “loser” as they cannot afford the expensive remedies touted on the site. This is not by any means unique to this particular wellness blog, rather I feel it is all too emblematic of the “Us vs Them” & “If you’re unwell, it’s probably your fault on some level” mentality taken as an article of faith by true converts to most Alternative Medicine. [This “blame” for a condition out of any individual’s control has been my experience when dealing with those “encouraging” me to try dubious “natural” treatments in the past & I already knew I was not alone!]
    By the way Rose, I would like to take the opportunity to wish you all the best in your recovery and am glad that you have the opportunity enjoy spending time with your grandchild. xo

  8. Rosalie if you have the energy, have you taken a look at Laura Bond, the Mum’s Not Having Chemo blog? Similar vibe, Australian, went to the same Institute of Integrative Medicine as Jess, also selling her services and book. No quackery she doesn’t embrace.

    • I’ve heard of her Fiona, am I remembering correctly that she did however, have surgery?
      I might take a closer look at her one day but for them moment a return to University is about to swallow a lot of my time!

  9. Rosalie, thank you for writing this blog. I have felt like a loan voice in the wilderness when it comes to the wellness warrior. I posted comments on various forums and have contacted people who I know are activists against this kind of nonsense. It is heartening to see people such as yourself take up the fight for transparency in relation to ms ainscough’s claims. It seems her empire is starting to crumble as the truth filters through, the big challenge for us will be to get the mainstream media to start writing about her true state and the danger she presents. Well done ! You may have saved a few lives with this blog.

  10. Hi Peta and Rosalie

    Thank you for your kind words. I was diagnosed 15 months ago and I’m still not out of the woods but I have great faith in my medical team who are passionate in trying to save my life. They are my heroes!

    I also have empathy for Jess and I believe my post below on her blog shows a great deal of compassion, The replies to this post from her cheer leading squad have been… “sad that people judge you”…..”You radiate integrity”…’There will always be naysayers don’t let them bother you’,,,,, etc etc.
    “Hi Jess, Firstly I wanted to say that I think you are indeed a beautiful young vital woman. Me?… I am not a hater, a bully, a naysayer, negative and don’t condone the tall poppy mindset. I don’t think that the ‘opposing’ posters on your blog or elsewhere have been bullying you or hating on you, some are actually distressed about your plight. I am one of them. Whilst I am a believer in good nutrition, I am an advocate for science based and tested medicine when it involves cancer in particular. There are no studies confirming the success of Gerson Therapy, Anecdotes don’t really count. You say you have seen miraculous recovery – can you give a citation? Can you see the grey area you have entered by promoting Gerson with no actual scientific proof?
    In regard to your “Letter to my cancer friends”, I wanted to say that there are so many holes in that as well. You claim
    “We are all aware of breast cancer, and a drug will never be the answer, because no drugs are exempt from side effects. Not one. ”
    Whilst there are side effects initially with chemo, I know my recovery has been excellent with good nutrition and exercise. I probably feel better now that before I was diagnosed! It saved my life!. Your take on the Cut, Poison, Burn is also misleading to your tribe. Surgery, chemo and radiation saves lives and that HAS been scientifically proven.
    I do find it unfair as well that you to search for your own treatment including using Google. You know Jess, when I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, I was not really in a sound mind to plough through so much information. At that time, I would have done just about anything that read ‘ cancer cure’, so can you see how you have the power to influence people unknowingly. Your new statement on your blog telling people to find their own options was definitely not there when I was in a fragile state, so thank you for adjusting this. In that letter, you also say:
    “Our bodies speak to us via symptoms. When we continually ignore the symptoms (and don’t we all do that) our bodies will eventually resort to yelling at us. For you, and for me, this yell came in the form of a cancer diagnosis. It was our body’s last-ditch attempt to get us to start treating it with respect”.
    Jess, that is so not correct!. My beautiful 29 year old vegetarian yoga teacher who mediated every day was diagnosed with cancer. That statement can really make the vulnerable feel guilty. I know I did! One random cell that decides to start multiplying is the beginning of cancer and it does not discriminate.
    Jess, I reiterate – the opposing critics have not been nasty and bullies, in fact I have seen a great deal of compassion as well. From one cancer sufferer to a cancer thriver – Good luck Jess, I truly mean that.”
    You know, I became so embroiled in her message whilst I was having treatment and did a few crazy things like throw out all my good cookware because it was ‘cancer causing”. I tried so hard to follow her example, which by the way is not her fault and this is entirely my personality type in that I became focused on achieving results. I would quote from Jess’ blog and drove my family and friends crazy for months regarding their diet. I had a wake up call when my beautiful sons told me to stop being a food and wellness nazi….Yikes! ….I’ve started re-enjoying the occasional seafood and meat dish and even the occasional Lindt chocolate!

    My first grandchild is only 11 days old and I feel so blessed.

    Jess, I hope you are doubly blessed.xx

    • Rose, I didn’t realise just how young your grandchild is 🙂 Congratulations x

      Also, the message you have posted over on the “I Want to Clear a Few Things Up…” page stands an excellent chance of resonating with other cancer sufferers who’ve so far refused to “lose faith” in their idol (even if not with Ms. Ainscough herself**).

      I don’t say that lightly, either. A friend of my family is currently insisting that a naturopath has “cured” their advanced cancer, and that the conventional treatments – a round of 1st-line chemo treatments & and an extensive surgical intervention provided by their now dismissed Oncology team apparently have no bearing on their health. It has really upset me that they’ve eschewed all further conventional treatment because (as far as anyone has been able to glean) their Oncologist refused to utter assurances of a “cure” & decided that a 2nd course of chemo would, if not “save” her life, almost certainly prolong it & function in a palliative capacity. Whereas the naturopath involved had no qualms saying that following a very expensive diet & who knows what else would in fact provide the desired silver bullet.
      I fear she may die in agony and penury – with little dignity as she has rather backed herself into a corner by making such claims.

      I apologize if I appear to have “unburdened” myself – I meant primarily to provide an illustration of the denial which seems to go along with a complete reliance upon unproven treatments…

      *Please let us know if you receive a response. And I hope you continue to enjoy your less restricted diet 🙂

      • Peta I resonate with your fears. Everyday of the week we are confronted with patients who believe they are cured. Our institute’s founder, Grace Gawler with 40 years working with cancer patients is an excellent naturopath. She states she has never seen a natural cure bring about a remission in the 1000s of patients she has supported. But yes – for while – some patients believe their naturopath – their diet- their coffee enemas has cured their cancer

  11. Her latest vomitous email- email only, no blog link

    “Awesome friend,

    It’s no secret that my arm has been flaring up lately. You only have to look at photos from the last stop on my tour to see how swollen it was after three weeks of flying around the country. Plus, after all of stress I was under last year, it hasn’t been faring too well. Last year was pretty much focused on my mum and doing everything in my power to try and get her well. After she passed, I was both physically and emotionally exhausted. When I’m exhausted, the first place it shows up is in my arm. My arm is like my body’s communication tool with me, and I’m hearing it loud and clear.

    So, I’m listening. I’m scaling things right back to give my body, mind and soul what they need. Particularly my soul. I feel like I’ve done so much work physically and that it’s time to pay more attention to what my soul needs. It’s time for less work and more soul medicine. Less doing, more being. 

    I’m also experimenting with some new physical treatments that I can’t wait to share with you. I just want to have sufficient time to experience their benefits before I write about them. Stay tuned for a series on that though!

    In the meantime, I ask that you are patient with me. I’m not disappearing from the blog again, but I am going to honour myself and not push myself too much. Some weeks I may post five days, some weeks it may just be one. I don’t want to lock myself into anything at the moment. I know that you will understand, being the incredible, loving tribe member that you are. I’m so grateful for you!

    Have a wonderful, restful, soul nurturing weekend. “

    • Can anyone spot the glaring omission there? That the *worsening cancer* in her arm is giving her trouble?
      “But of course it’s not the cancer, it is just the result of flying and exhaustion!” Pull the other one, Jess.

      • I’m no psychologist, but I can’t imagine the sort of mentality she has, to be able to be comfortable with the fact her mother recently passed by following the same path of essentially doing nothing. It scares me how brain washed she is. Ok sure live your life this way, but god knows how many people this type of email is reaching. Surely this is some sort of fraud?

      • Oh gross.
        Freud’s theories are totally discredited by modern psychology, but looking at these wellness cranks, I’m beginning to think there actually *is* such a thing as anally fixated….

      • In our work with cancer patients we see their scans, x-rays, blood tests and reports. Many of them are badly constipated due to ingesting large quantities of green foods via juicing and extreme diets. The people who use coffee enemas are ‘unplugged’ low in the bowels up to the point the enema reaches. Above that they tens to be blocked up. The tests also show who is authentic or congruent. Many people profess to be calm and positive while their tests indicate fear and adrenal exhaustion. The body tells the truth….

  12. “god knows how many people this type of email is reaching”

    She has 55,000 + FB followers and I think I read where her blog has 40,000+ readers.

    I subscribe to her emails merely to keep track and watch the train wreck. I’m sorely tempted to reply to this email telling her exactly what I think but going by Rosalie blog and some of the responses this has been tried.

    She will die and we are beginning to see the unraveling of her delusions. Her father has already buried his wife because of this insanity and he’ll soon be burying his daughter.

  13. She has only password protected that blog about her Mum’s “flareups” in the last 24 hours. I was reading it only yesterday.Yes, she’s in full damage control

  14. Just leaving this here…I know it’s been years, but I was re-reading some of these the other day and it took me AGES to find this particular post in the Wayback Machine:

    I figure there might be others who’ve come along years later and have as much trouble as I did finding it, since there’s so much discussion about it in this post and others.

  15. Oh, and there’s also this one, which I never saw anyone mention but again, for posterity. This is where a Gerson quack and a kenesiologist(spelling? I don’t care enough to look it up) decided that her mom’s cancer wasn’t healing as fast as it should because of “toxic levels of copper in her system,” and, of course, that good old quack go-to, candida:

    Again, sorry, I know this was a long time ago, but IMO it’s important to keep evidence of quackery’s failures available, especially when people have tried to erase it so thoroughly.

  16. I know this is an old blog but I was one of Hess’s followers. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 I decided to have a lumpectomy and then do Gerson Therapy instead of chemo and radiation.
    Gerson Therapy was close to impossible and after a year I changed and became a patient of Dr Gonzalez, he’s since passed away. Four years of the Gonzalez protocol and $100,000 later and my cancer continued to recur. I’m now stage 4 and after 8 years of declining am now having chemotherapy.

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